Xiao (rank)


Xiao (Chinese: ; Wade–Giles: Hsiao) is the rank held by field officers in the militaries of China and Taiwan. The Chinese military (PLA) uses four grades while the Taiwanese military uses only three, with the rank equivalent to the fourth being treated as a general officer rank. This difference is found in other militaries as well: in the British Army a brigadier is considered a field officer, while the equivalent rank in the United States Army, brigadier general, is considered a general officer. The Chinese use the same rank names for all services, prefixed by hai jun (海军, Naval Force) or kong jun (空军, Air Force). While the Taiwanese military (ROC) does the same for enlisted ranks and company-grade officers, it has distinct names for the higher naval ranks.


Rank group Field/senior officers
  PLA Ground Forces[1]        
  PLA Navy[1]                
  PLA Air Force[1]        

  Republic of China Army[2]      
  Republic of China Navy      
  Republic of China Air Force      
Chinese title 大校

Literal translation Grand field officer Senior field officer Middle field officer Junior field officer

Army and
air force translation
Senior colonel Colonel Lieutenant colonel Major

Navy translation Senior captain Captain Commander Lieutenant commander

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