Xuhui District


Xuhui District is a core urban district of Shanghai. It has a land area of 54.76 km2 (21.14 sq mi) and a population of 982,200 as of 2008.[1]

Xujiahui Business District
Xujiahui Business District
Xuhui in Shanghai
Xuhui in Shanghai
CountryPeople's Republic of China
 • BodyXihui District People's Congress
 • Total54.76 km2 (21.14 sq mi)
 • Total1,084,400
 • Density20,000/km2 (51,000/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Xuhui District
Simplified Chinese徐汇区
Traditional Chinese徐匯區

The Xuhui District is named after its namesake, the historic area of Xujiahui. Xujiahui was historically land owned by Ming dynasty bureaucrat and scientist Xu Guangqi, and later donated to the Roman Catholic Church. It and Luwan District jointly formed the core of Catholic Shanghai, centered in the former French Concession of Shanghai. Vestiges of the French influence can still be seen in the St. Ignatius Cathedral of Shanghai, Xuhui College, the Xujiahui Observatory, and some remaining boulevards and French-style districts.

Parts of today's Xuhui District were once the premier residential districts of Shanghai. The former french neighborhoods in parts of Xuhui today constitute some of the city´s most popular café areas,[2] including places such as pedestrian Tianzifang. After the revolution, however, the large estates near Xujiahui were turned into factories.[citation needed] In the 1990s, the Shanghai municipal government developed the district as a commercial zone.[citation needed] A once-prominent commercial area in the district was the Xiangyang Crafts and Gifts Market, a haven for souvenirs and intellectual property-infringing products; it was closed on June 30, 2006 by municipal authorities.

Xujiahui itself has been redeveloped as a financial center, with a proliferation of large-scale shopping centers and department stores, and is now a major shopping destination in the city with shopping malls such as Grand Gateway Shanghai and Pacific Sogo.

The educational tradition begun by Jesuits in Xuhui continues with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the premier university in China. The district also has some of the best secondary schools in the municipality, such as South West Weiyu Middle School, Shanghai High School and Nanyang Model High School.

A number of former residences of prominent personalities remain, including Soong Ching-ling and Sun Yat-sen's former residence. Yao Ming of Houston Rockets was a resident of the district. Luo "Ferrari 430" Feichi lives in Xuhui.[3]

Xuhui District has 12 subdistricts and two townships.


Home Inn has its headquarters in Xuhui.[4] Yum China has its headquarters in the Yum China Building (Chinese: 百胜中国大厦; pinyin: Bǎishèng Zhōngguó Dàshà) in Xuhui District.[5] Toei Animation Shanghai has its head office in Unit 807 of Feidiao International Plaza in the district.[6]

Yoozoo Games is headquartered in Xuhui.[7]

Previously Web International English had its headquarters in Xuhui.[8]

Township-level subdivisionsEdit

Xuhui District has twelve subdistricts, one town and one special township-level division.

Name[9] Chinese (S) Hanyu Pinyin Shanghainese Romanization Population (2010)[10] Area (km2)
Caohejing Subdistrict 漕河泾街道 Cáohéjīng Jiēdào dzo wu cin ga do 97,917 5.26
Changqiao Subdistrict 长桥街道 Chángqiáo Jiēdào tzan djio ga do 118,872 15.3
Fenglin Road Subdistrict 枫林路街道 Fēnglínlù Jiēdào fon lin lu ga do 112,400 2.69
Hongmei Road Subdistrict 虹梅路街道 Hóngméilù Jiēdào ron me lu ga do 34,877 5.98
Hunan Road Subdistrict 湖南路街道 Húnánlù Jiēdào wu neu lu ga do 36,281 1.72
Kangjian Xincun Subdistrict 康健新村街道 Kāngjiàn Xīncūn Jiēdào khaon dji sin tsen ga do 100,444 4.07
Lingyun Road Subdistrict 凌云路街道 Língyún lù Jiēdào lin yun lu ga do 108,582 3.58
Longhua Subdistrict 龙华街道 Lónghuá Jiēdào lon rau ga do 85,769 6.53
Tianlin Subdistrict 田林街道 Tiánlín Jiēdào di lin ga do 97,171 4.19
Tianping Road Subdistrict 天平路街道 Tiānpínglù Jiēdào thi bin lu ga do 60,533 2.69
Xietu Road Subdistrict 斜土路街道 Xiétǔlù Jiēdào zia thu lu ga do 69,710 2.67
Xujiahui Subdistrict 徐家汇街道 Xújiāhuì Jiēdào xi ga we ga do 92,915 4.04
Huajing town 华泾镇 Huájīng Zhèn rau cin tzen 67,415 8.04
Caohejing Hi-tech Park 漕河泾新兴技术开发区 Cáohéjīng Xīnxīng Jìshù Kāifāqū dzo wu cin sin xin djij dzeq khe faq chiu 2,244 10.70



Xuhui is currently served by seven metro lines operated by Shanghai Metro:

Suburban RailwayEdit

Xuhui is currently served by one suburban railway operated by China Railway Shanghai Group.


Schools in Xuhui District include:


  1. Shanghai Jiao Tong University[11]
  2. East China University of Science and Technology[12]
  3. Shanghai Normal University[13]
  4. Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine[14]
  5. Shanghai Conservatory of Music[15]

High schools:

  1. Nan Yang Model High School [zh] (上海市南洋模范中学)[16]
  2. Shanghai Nanyang High School [zh] (上海市南洋中学)
  3. Shanghai Xuhui High School [zh] (上海市徐匯中學)[17]
  4. Shanghai Weiyu High School [zh] (上海市位育高级中学)[18]
  5. Shanghai Southwest Weiyu Middle School
  6. Shanghai High School[19]
  7. Shanghai No. 2 High School
  8. Shanghai Fifty-forth High School (上海市第五十四中学)[20]
  9. High School Attached to Shanghai Normal University [zh] (上海师范大学附属中学) original campus[21]


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