Yalode (crater)


Yalode crater.jpg
Feature typeCrater
Coordinates42°14′S 290°38′E / 42.23°S 290.64°E / -42.23; 290.64Coordinates: 42°14′S 290°38′E / 42.23°S 290.64°E / -42.23; 290.64
Diameter271 km
EponymYalodé, Dahomeyan (Fon) deity of the yam harvest

Yalode (/jəˈldi/)[1] is the largest confirmed crater on Ceres after Kerwan. It is adjacent to another large crater, Urvara. It is named after the Dahomeyan deity of the yam harvest, Yalodé. It appears to have a series of canyons running from it, in a northwestern direction. These may be ejecta from it. The canyons have been collectively named Samhain Catena.

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