Yamaha TX16W


The Yamaha TX16W is a rack-mount sampler sound module made by Yamaha.

Yamaha TX16W
Yamaha tx16w.jpg
Yamaha TX16W
Technical specifications
Synthesis typeDigital Sample-based Subtractive
FilterDigital filter
Storage memory1.5MB (up to 6MB) RAM
720kB 3.5" floppy disk
Left-hand controln/a
External controlMIDI

The TX16W has 12-bit sound with up to 50 kHz mono and 33 kHz stereo sampling. Its filter is digital, allowing 17 different types, with one filter/type per voice. On the rear along with a regular stereo output, there are 8 individual outputs. Samples are stored on 720kB 3.5" floppy disks. It shipped with 1.5MB of RAM but is expandable up to 6MB. The TX16W uses a Motorola 68000 processor.

The operating system is loaded from disk. There is an alternate OS for the sampler called Typhoon, created by a Swedish organisation.[1]

A free software emulation "Cyclone" was released in 2013 by Sonic Charge (developed by the people behind the original Typhoon OS).

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