Yangoor (crater)


Crater characteristics
Ariel - surface features.jpg
Voyager 2 image of Ariel with Yangoor left of center
Coordinates68°42′S 80°18′W / 68.7°S 80.3°W / -68.7; -80.3 (Yangoor)[1]
Diameter78 kilometres (48 mi)
DiscovererVoyager 2
EponymSpirit, Australian Aboriginal mythology

Yangoor is the largest known crater on the surface of the Uranian moon Ariel. The name comes from a spirit that brings day in Australian Aboriginal mythology.[1] It is about 80 km in diameter and is located approximately 450 km from Ariel's south pole. The northwestern edge of the crater was erased by formation of ridged terrain.[2] The crater lacks bright ejecta deposits and was imaged for the first time by the Voyager 2 spacecraft in January 1986.[3][4]


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