Yin Tao


Yin Tao
Born (1979-12-06) 6 December 1979 (age 42)
Alma materPeople's Liberation Army Arts College
Years active2003–present
AgentChinese People's Liberation Army Naval Song and Dance Troupe

Yin Tao (Chinese: 殷桃; pinyin: Yīn Táo, born 6 December 1979) is a Chinese actress. In 2017, she became one of the Chinese actresses to win the "Grand Slam", after winning the three biggest awards including the Feitian Awards, Golden Eagle Awards and the Magnolia Awards.[1]


Early life

Born and raised in Chongqing, where she attended Chongqing Art School in 1996. Yin entered People's Liberation Army Arts College in 1999, majoring in drama, where she graduated in 2003. After graduation, Yin worked in Chinese People's Liberation Army Naval Song and Dance Troupe.

Acting career

In 2002, Yin participated in her first stage play while still in college Wait for You in Paradise. Her performance was widely recognized, winning an array of trophies including the Golden Lion Award for Performance, the award for Excellent Performance at the 8th Cao Yu Drama Award, and the Best Leading Actress of the 5th Shanghai Magnolia Award.[2]

Yin's subsequent performances in TV series The Sky of History, and Catching the Wrong Bus brought her into the limelight.[3][4] She also won the Outstanding Actress Award at the 23rd Golden Eagle Awards for her performance as A-mei in Catching the Wrong Bus.

In 2007, Yin starred in the military romance drama Happiness As Flowers. She received a Flying Apsaras Award nomination for Best Actress.[5]

In 2008, Yin starred in The Woman's Lifetime,[6] and was nominated for the Best Actress Award at the 14th Shanghai Television Festival. She also as the torch bearer in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

In 2009, she starred in two hit television series In a Land Far Faraway and The Prominent Clan.[7][8] Both shows earned high ratings and won accolades from critics and TV viewers. The same year, Yin co-starred with Anthony Wong in the historical television series The Legend of Yang Guifei.[9] Playing Yang Guifei, one of the Four Beauties of ancient China. Yin’s natural beauty and consummate acting skill demonstrated in this show pushed her acting career to a new level.

In 2010, she starred in historical drama The Firmament of The Pleiades, which became the first television series from China to be screened on Japan's NHK at prime time. Yin impressed viewers with her refined performance that the Japanese viewers have dubbed her "Chinese Aurora".[10]

In 2011, Yin starred in the historical television series Secret History of Empress Wu, playing the titular role Wu Zetian. The drama received positive reviews.[11]

In 2013, Yin won the Outstanding Actress Award at the 29th Flying Apsaras Awards for her roles in Family on the Go and The Love in Yan'an. That same year, Yin featured in action film Police Story 2013, starring alongside Jackie Chan.[12]

In 2017, Yin won Magnolia Award for Best Actress in a Television Series for her performance in Feather Flies to the Sky. The same year, she was cast alongside Huang Xiaoming in the television series The Years You Were Late.[13]

In 2020, Yin served as one of jury members for the Chinese TV Series of the TV Series category of the Magnolia Awards.[14]



Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
2004 Red Banderole 红飘带 Shan Shan [15]
2005 Intel Younger 网络少年 Suo Lala [16]
2012 Today and Tomorrow 今天明天 Voice-dubbed[17]
2013 Police Story 2013 警察故事2013 Landlady
2015 La Historia Du Un Amor 临时演员 Lu Yijing [18]
2017 Mr. No Problem 不成问题的问题 Mrs You [19]
2018 Goddesses in the Flames of War 那些女人 Hui [20]
2021 Sunny Sisters 阳光姐妹淘 Zhang Lijun
1921 1921 Wen Suqin

Television series

Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
1996 The 30 Years Old Woman 女人三十 Ping Ping
1999 空了吹 Yu Dandan
2002 寡妇堤 Tong Cao
The Housewife 围屋里的女人 Dou Miao [21]
2003 Red Detachment of Women 红色娘子军 Wu Qionghua [22]
The Sky of History 历史的天空 Dongfang Wenying
2004 Catching the Wrong Bus 搭错车 A Mei
2005 Part Ten 局中局 Lu Lanlan [23]
Happiness As Flowers 幸福像花儿一样 Da Mei
Vertical Attack 垂直打击 Gu Xiaonan [24]
The True Love of Time 真情年代 Fan Xiaojie [25]
2006 The Woman's Lifetime 女人一辈子 Tao Xiaotao
狼烟 Zhao Chuchu [26]
Last Night Stars 新昨夜星辰 A Xiang [27]
Broken and Scattered 爱了散了 Dong Xiaohan [28]
Peach Blossoming 桃花灿烂 Shui Xiang [29]
2007 Police Story 警察故事 Chang Jia
Big Pearl 大珍珠 Bai Yongyun [30]
The Story of Medical Team 卫生队的故事 Yin [31]
2008 In a Land Far Faraway 在那遥远的地方 Yuan Ying
Highland 高地 Yang Tao [32]
The Prominent Clan 望族 Wang Yuqiu
The East Is Red 1949 东方红1949 Gu Zhengfan/ Gu Zhenghan [33]
2009 The Legend of Yang Guifei 杨贵妃秘史 Yang Guifei
Eagles Battalion 鹰隼大队 Jiang Jingchao [34]
2010 The Firmament of The Pleiades 苍穹之昴 Wife Zhang
2011 The Love in Yan'an 延安爱情 Su Zhen [35]
Secret History of Empress Wu 武则天秘史 Wu Zetian
The Marriage of My Mother 我和老妈一起嫁 Zhang Shihe [36]
2012 The Fashion Editor 时尚女编辑 Cheng Xin [37]
Women in the Battlefield 战地花开 Duan Siqi [38]
Family On the Go 温州一家人 Zhou A'yu [39]
No. 19 Huangliang Hutong 皇粮胡同十九号 Guanyue Liangzi [40]
2013 The Story of Soldier Students 2 大学生士兵的故事2 Assistant Yin [41]
Without Thieves 无贼 Qiao An'na [42]
2014 If Happiness Comes 假如幸福来临 Ye Baihe [43]
2015 Exceedingly High Road 大道通天 Xia Yuanyuan [44]
我为儿孙当北漂 Tian Beilei [45]
Legend of the Song 大宋传奇之赵匡胤 Wang Yuehong [46]
The Blood Chit 生死血符 [47]
The Cloud's Time of Flying 白云飘飘的年代 [48]
2016 People's Prosecutor 人民检察官 Xia Jingru [49]
2017 Feather Flies To The Sky 鸡毛飞上天 Luo Yuzhu [50]
2018 Frontier of Love 爱情的边疆 Wen Yiqiu [51]
The Years You Were Late 你迟到的许多年 Mo Li
2021 Fighting Youth 正青春 Lin Rui [52]
Brilliant Girls 爱的理想生活 Wen Ruxue [53]
TBD As We Wish 好男好女 Liao Sha
A Lifelong Journey 人世间 Zhen Juan


Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
2003 Wait for You in Paradise 我在天堂等你 Bai Xuemei
2009 The Army Rose 雷霆玫瑰 Zhao Mei [54]
2010 The Yellow Storm 四世同堂 Guan Zhaodi [55]
2011 Flying 起飞 Qi Lingyan [56]
2014 Romeo & Juliet 罗密欧与朱丽叶 Juliet [57]

Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Nominated work Results Ref.
2003 12th Wenbiao Award Performance Award I Will Wait for You in the Heaven Won
5th Chinese Drama Golden Lion Award Performance Award Won
8th Cao Yu Drama Award Outstanding Performance Award Won
15th Shanghai Magnolia Drama Performance Art Award Best Actress Won
2006 23rd China TV Golden Eagle Award Best Actress I Take the Wrong Bus Won [58]
2007 26th Flying Apsaras Award Outstanding Actress Happiness As Flowers Nominated
2008 14th Shanghai Television Festival Best Actress The Woman's Lifetime Nominated
2009 27th Flying Apsaras Award Outstanding Contribution Award N/A Won [59]
2013 29th Flying Apsaras Award Outstanding Actress The Love in Yan'an, Family on the Go Won [60]
2017 23rd Shanghai Television Festival Best Actress Feather Flies To The Sky Won [61]
2018 9th China Film Director's Guild Awards Best Actress Mr. No Problem Nominated [62]
31st Flying Apsaras Award Outstanding Actress Feather Flies To The Sky Nominated
29th China TV Golden Eagle Award Best Actress Nominated [63]
2019 6th The Actors of China Award Ceremony Best Actress (Sapphire Category) The Years You Were Late Nominated [64]
1978 Excellence Awards Best Actress Won
1st Gold Panda International Communication Awards Best Actress Feather Flies To The Sky Won


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