The Very Large Telescope (VLT)

ZIMPOL/CHEOPS (Zurich Imaging Polarimeter) is a polarimetric imager being developed for the Very Large Telescope for the direct detection of extra-solar planets.[1] The imager is operated by the European Southern Observatory on Cerro Paranal in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile.[1][2]

It is also the imaging polarimeter subsystem of the VLT-SPHERE instrument.[3]

The Zurich Imaging Polarimeter (ZIMPOL) provides diffraction limited classical imaging and differential polarimetric imaging (DPI) at 15 mas (milliarcsecond) resolution in the visible spectrum[4] and is one of three scientific subsystem integrated into the VLT-SPHERE instrument used at VLT's Unit Telescope 3, Melipal.

CHEOPS is an acronym for CHaracterizing Exo-planets by Opto-infrared Polarimetry and Spectroscopy.[5]

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