Zarakes (Greek: Ζάρακες, before 1953: Ζάρκα - Zarka[1]) is a village in the Dystos municipality of Euboea, Greece. Its population was 707 according to the last census (2011).[2]

The municipal department of the same name (Δημοτικό Διαμέρισμα Ζαράκων) comprises Zarakes proper, Zarakon Beach and Mahalas old village.

An ancient fortress near Zarakes has been identified with the Eretrian fort Zaretra (Ancient Greek: Ζάρητρα), mentioned by Plutarch.[3]

Attractions in Zarakes include:

  • Old village of Zarakes, also known as Μαχαλάς (Mahalas)
  • Old mills
  • archaeological site of Zarakes near Zoodochos Pigi church
  • Old church of Saint Charalampus in old village


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Coordinates: 38°18′04″N 24°11′31″E / 38.30111°N 24.19194°E / 38.30111; 24.19194