Zavala Monastery


The Zavala monastery is a Serbian Orthodox monastery located in the village of Zavala on the southwestern edge of Popovo Polje, in Ravno, Bosnia and Herzegovina municipality, in southernmost part of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Location and history

Zavala Monastery

Some 55 kilometers to the east lies the town of Trebinje. The monastery is dedicated to the Presentation of Mary. The northern wall of the monastery's church is situated within a cave. This monastery is also known as a place where Basil of Ostrog entered into monasticism.

Along with Žitomislić and Tvrdoš, Zavala is one of the most important monasteries in East Herzegovina. The first written record of the monastery dates back to sixteenth century. During the Second World War, the monastery suffered major damage, and in the Bosnian War it was further damaged and abandoned.

Zavala and Vjetrenica

After the war the monastery was restored, and together with Zavala village with its old architecture and stone masonry, and Vjetrenica cave constitute cultural-historic, architectural and natural assemble, protected by KONS as an important national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Because of its importance as national heritage, as well as tourist and ambiental attraction, site is also placed on a UNESCO Tentative list for inscription into UNESCO World Heritage site list.[1][2]

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