Zhao Ziyue


Zhao Ziyue
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AuthorLao She

Zhao Ziyue (Chinese: 趙子曰, "Confucius-saith Zhao") is a 1927 Chinese-language novel by Lao She. His second novel, like the first, The Philosophy of Old Zhang, the story is set among students in Beijing following the May Fourth Incident. However the tone of the book is less sympathetic to students, showing the pretentiously named title character and his circle as unprincipled and shallow rather than as victims.[1]


  1. ^ Bonnie S. McDougall, Kam Louie The Literature of China in the Twentieth Century 1997 1850652864 p.116 "Lao She's second novel, Zhao Ziyue, is also set in Beijing during the aftermath of the May Fourth Incident. Unlike the previous novel, where students are shown as victims, the students in this work are depicted as lacking in substance."