Zoom 8


The Zoom8 is a youth racing dinghy sailed in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Austria, the Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia and Russia. It is designed by the Finn Henrik Segercrantz. The Zoom8 is considered an excellent transition dinghy from the Optimist and the more physically demanding dinghies such as the Laser, Europe and 29er, and although many attempts have been made by other classes to fill this gap, the Zoom8 dinghy is one of the few to have succeeded.

Zoom 8
Class symbol
Hull weight44 kg (with fittings)
LOA2.65 m
Beam1.45 m
Mainsail area4.9 m2
Zoom8 on shore

The Swedish Zoom8 Association note that the Zoom 8 is a calm, safe boat and simple enough that beginners are able to sail it.

The Zoom8 has been spread all over Sweden since 1995 followed a few years later by Denmark and these two countries have won numerous medals in the European and World Championships.

World Champions [1]Edit

  • 2002, Lake Balaton, Hungary –   Karolina Wolniewicz (POL) and   Karl-Martin Rammo (EST)
  • 2003, Maubuisson, France –   Karolina Wolniewicz (POL) and   Charlie Ekberg (SWE)
  • 2004, Hoorn, Netherlands –   Maria Rudskaja (RUS) and   Fredrik Schraam (SWE)
  • 2005, Barth, Germany –   Maria Rudskava (RUS) and   Fredrik Thaarup (DEN)
  • 2006, Hundige Havn, Greve, Denmark –   Henriette Søster Frislev (DEN) and   Magnus Kældsø (DEN)
  • 2007, Lake Achen, Austria –   Lena Hess (AUT) and   Thomas Palme (AUT)
  • 2008, Tønsberg, Norway –   Lena Hess (AUT) and   Thomas Palme (AUT)
  • 2009, Träslövsläge, Sweden –   Trine Bentzen (DEN) and   Mathias Haugstad (NOR)

Male World ChampionEdit

Year Gold Silver Bronze
2010, Tallinn Yacht Club, Lohusalu, Estonia   Carsten Faubel (DEN)   Carsten F.FaubelVictor Silen (FIN)   Alexender Shelting (RUS)
2011, Hanko, Finland, 71 Entries   Pontus Dahl (SWE)   Victor Silen (FIN)   Alexander Gronblom (FIN)
2012, KSSS, Stockholm, Sweden   Simon Weideskog (SWE)   Juuso Roihu (EST)   Victor Silén (FIN)
2013, Ran Seilforening, Straume, Sotra, Fjell, Norway   David Bjelkarøy Westervik (NOR)   Alexander Dahl Høgheim (NOR)   Martin Õunap (EST)
2014, Åstrup, Denmark   Sophus Jarvig (DEN)   Pontus Karlsson (SWE)   Sebastian Norup (DEN)
2015, Wolfgangsee, Austria    ()    ()    ()
2016, Kuressaare, Estonia   Ilari Muhonen (FIN)   Christoffer Sörlie (NOR)   Lucas Karlemo (FIN)

Female World ChampionEdit

Year Gold Silver Bronze
2010, Tallinn Yacht Club, Lohusalu, Estonia[3]   Noora Ruskola (FIN)   Helene Mjelde Gjerde (NOR)   Hanna Johansson (SWE)
2011, Hanko, Finland
42 Entries
  Anna Munch (DEN)   Valentina Faihs (AUT)   Dopping Jacqueline (DEN)
2012, KSSS, Stockholm, Sweden   Anna Munch (DEN)   Ella von Melen (SWE)   Signe Søgaard Hansen (DEN)
2013, Ran Seilforening, Straume, Sotra, Fjell, Norway, 38 Entries   Catharina Sandman (FIN)   Saara Tukiainen (FIN)   Emilie Homstvedt (NOR)
2014, Åstrup, Denmark   Ronja Grönblom (FIN)   Ebru Bolat (ROU)   Julie Havn (DEN)
2015, Wolfgangsee, Austria    ()    ()    ()
2016, Kuressaare, Estonia   Cecilia Dahlberg (FIN)   Emma Grönblom (FIN)   Sofia Tynkkynen (FIN)
2017, Sweden[4]   Lilian TANHUANPÄÄ (FIN)   Arina LATYNINA (RUS)   Emma GRÖNBLOM (FIN)



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