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The following lists events from the year 2016 in Zimbabwe.




  • July 4 - Riots break out in the capital of Harare after police attempted to disperse a protest by taxi drivers.[1]
  • July 6 - Internet protests turn to the streets in response to fears of economic collapse.[2]
  • July 7 - As protests spread across the country, dozens are arrested.[3]
  • July 8 - Despite demands by the government to stop, protests continue to spread across the country.[4] Mugabe blames Western sanctions for the inability to pay workers on time.[5] A two-day strike is threatened to be in place if the government does not meet protester demands.[6]
  • July 9 - As a result of the protests, the economy cripples further.[7]
  • July 11 - Evan Mawarire, the protest leader, demands the international community put pressure on the regime.[8]
  • July 12 - Mawarire is arrested for allegedly "inciting public violence and disturbing peace".[9]
  • July 13 - A court dismisses charges against Mawarire.[10]


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