AZ Democratic Party
ChairpersonFelecia Rotellini
U.S. SenatorKyrsten Sinema
Senate leaderDavid Bradley (Arizona Senate)
House leaderCharlene Fernandez (Arizona House of Representatives)
Headquarters2910 North Central Ave Phoenix, Arizona, 85012
Social liberalism
Political positionCenter-left
National affiliationDemocratic Party
U.S. Senate
(Arizonan seats)
1 / 2
U.S. House of Representatives
(Arizonan seats)
5 / 9
Seats in the Arizona Senate
13 / 30
Seats in the Arizona House
29 / 60

The Arizona Democratic Party is the affiliate of the Democratic Party in the state of Arizona. Its headquarters are in Phoenix.[1]

Party organization

The Arizona Democratic Party is organized into three parts, the state committee, the executive committee, and the executive board.

State Committee

The state committee is composed of "the chairperson of each county committee of the Democratic Party of Arizona, plus one (1) member of the county committee for every three (3) members of the county committee elected pursuant to statute."(ADPByLaws Art. II Sec. 1)[2] The state committee meets biennially. A state committee member has four duties:

a) Canvass and campaign only on behalf of Democratic candidates. b) Assist in registration programs and in turning out a maximum Democratic vote. c) Support the permanent State Party organization as well as their County and District Party committees. d) Encourage financial support of the State Democratic Party, their County Committees and their districts. (ADP ByLaws Art.II Sec. 3)[2]

The state committee has many officers including: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, First Vice-Chair (who is required to be a different gender and county residence than the chair), three Vice-Chairwomen, three Vice Chairmen, Educational Coordinator, and Affirmative Action Moderator.

Executive Committee

The executive committee meets quarterly. The executive committee consists of, "the County Chairperson and the first and second County Vice-Chairpersons from each county; the State Committee-elected National Committeemen, the State Committee-elected National Committeewomen; three (3) members-at-large from each Congressional District; the President or a representative of the President of the Young Democrats of Arizona; the President or representative of the President of the Arizona Federation of Democratic Women's Clubs; and the other State Officers as listed in Article III of these bylaws. The Chair of the State Committee shall serve as Chair of the Executive Committee" (ADP Bylaws Art.IV Sec.1).[2] The executive committee has several duties. "The Executive Committee shall approve the budget and amendments to the budget, approve specific contracts extending beyond the Chair's term, act as the final board of arbitrators for State Committeepersons seeking reinstatement after removal, and perform such duties as assigned by the State Chair" (ADP Bylaws Art. IV Sec.3).[2]

Executive Board

The executive board duties are assigned by the chair. It also, "acts on behalf of the state committee between State Committee meetings" (ADP Bylaws Art.V Sec.2).[2] The executive board meets at least quarterly. Members of the executive board are, "State Chair, First Vice-Chair, Senior Vice-Chair, Vice-Chairwomen, Vice-Chairmen, Secretary, Treasurer, Educational Coordinator, and Affirmative Action Moderator, the State Committee-elected National Committeemen and the State Committee-elected National Committeewomen" (ADP Bylaws Art.V Sec. 1).[2]Current Board Officers: Felecia Rottelini, Chair; Pat Burns, First Vice Chairman; Mary McCord Robinson, Senior Vice Chairwoman; Sierra Yamanka, National Committeewoman; Doug Ballard, National Committeeman; Luis Heredia, National Committeeman; DNC Ethnic Council Vice Chair; Missa Foy-Jentoft, Vice Chairwoman; Deedra Abboud, Vice Chairwoman; Brianna Westbrook, Vice Chairwoman; Jevin Hodge, Vice Chairman; Bryan Rasmussen, Vice Chairman; Damian Preciado, Anne Greenberg, Secretary; Rick McGuire, Treasurer; Lupe Conchas, Affirmative Action Coordinator; Janie Hydrick, Educational Coordinator (

National role

The Arizona Democratic Party has a role within the National Democratic Party. The State Committee selects candidates to become Presidential electors. These candidates pledge to vote for the National Democratic Convention's Presidential and Vice Presidential nominee. (ADP Bylaws Art.VII)[2] Additionally, the Chair and First Vice-Chair serve on Democratic National Committee. (ADP Bylaws Art X Sec. 1)[2] The State committee also elects the National Committee Members which represent Arizona. (ADP Bylaws Art. X sec 2)[2] These members serve a term of four years and must have previously been an elected precinct committee person. (ADP Bylaws Art. X sec 2)[2] National Committee members are to be as evenly split between male and female as possible. (ADP Bylaws Art. X sec 2)[2]

Current federal officials

United States Senate

United States House

In the 116th United States Congress, the Arizona Democratic Party holds 5 of the 9 seats in Arizona's delegation to the United States House of Representatives[3].

Current state officials

State Executive

The Arizona Democratic Party is the minority party in the State Executive, holding 3 of the 11 seats.[4][circular reference]

State Senate

The Arizona Democratic Party is the minority party in the Arizona State Senate, holding 13 of the 30 seats.[5]

State House

The Arizona Democratic Party is the minority party in the State House of Representative, holding 25 of the 60 seats.[6]



The Arizona Democratic Party has been functioning since territorial times. The citizens of the Arizona Territory were mostly Democrats as a reaction to the Republican governors appointed by Washington D.C.[7] When drafting a state constitution in 1910, 41 Democrats were elected as delegates to the convention[8] The convention totaled 52 delegates.[8]

Past officers

State Chairs

Vernon F. Vaughan 1923, A. A. Johns 1925, C. E. Addams 1931, Junious Gibbons 1937, E. C. Locklear 1945, Stephen W. Langmade 1948–50, J. N. Harber 1955, Joe F. Walton 1958, Samuel Pearson Goddard, Jr. 1960–62, Samuel G. Coppersmith 1995–1997, Mark Fleisher 1997–2001, Jim Pederson 2001–2005, Harry Mitchell 2005–2006, David Waid 2006–2007, Don Bivens 2007–2009, Paul Eckerstrom 2009, Don Bivens 2009–2011, Andrei Cherny 2011–2012, Bill Roe 2012–2015, Alexis Tameron 2015–2017.

Members of Democratic National Committee 1920–present W. L. Barnum 1920 Mrs. B. J. McKinney 1920 Isabella S. Greenway 1928–34 Clarence Gunter 1929 Wirt G. Bowman 1937 Mrs. Samuel White 1937 Della Tovrea Stuart 1940–56 Sam H. Morris 1943–50 R. B. Robbins 1947 Mrs. Henry S. Larson 1963 Frank S. Minarik 1963 Lorraine W. Frank 1980–2000 Jim Pederson 2001 Martin Bacal 2004 Janice Brunson 2004 Carolyn Warner 2004 Joe Rios 2004 Alexis Tameron 2004 Sue Tucker 2004 Judy Kennedy 2008 Fred DuVal 2008[9]

Former prominent Arizona Democrats

United States Delegates

United States Senators

United States Representatives

Territorial Governors

State Governors

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