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The wax museum in Ba Na Hills is the largest wax display area in Vietnam, in which each wax statue is an extremely sophisticated art piece made by Italian artisans. The cable line is awarded 4 world records by Guinness World Records, including: The longest cable car route is 5. In particular, visitors can also find here three main food areas serving European and Asian dishes. guide and souvenir stalls with a full range of products.

Even foreign experts climb the pass like Vietnamese people to work. The special feature of Ba Na Hill sled compared to other sliding systems is that the first in Vietnam has a sliding track "DUAL RAY." Bring your own food and enjoy lunch at the accommodation and dining areas in the amusement parks

Temperatures in Ba Na year round are always cool to cool. In 1986, Ba Na was recognized by the Government as a natural reserve, a protected object and a tropical forest, including many kinds of rare and precious animals and plants that need to be protected such as frankincense, mahogany, chili, Stellar hemorrhoids, Asian black bears, red-cheeked gibbons. VND 000 / room and Hotel Morin standard 3 *

In addition, the extreme panoramic flycam angles of the Golden Bridge - a hot new destination on top of Ba Na Careful details about the street frescoes, beer square make even more tourists who have come and never come to Ba Na "stand still". large and small projects continued to be built until 1944 when they stopped completely. Or you can also rent a taxi to be active in time without having to drive yourself

The ticket for the Ba Na Hills cable car includes the departure and return, the first trip is at 7:30 am and the last one is 9:00 pm. Ba Na Hills Tour Price It looks very expensive because these restaurants are often available. expensive. This ticket price includes the tour guide, 1 500ml bottle of water and is picked up and dropped off in the city of Da Nang

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