Know About Best Dog Food For Active Dogs

Active dogs need more than excess calories to meet their energy needs. Dog owners might think it's just a matter of feeding active dogs more food. However, the quantity is not as important as quality, because too much food can cause weight problems. What is really important for active dogs is they eat food with high protein content and higher fat levels. Proteins and fats will give your dog the sustainable energy they need while helping them maintain a healthy weight.

Recommended level of protein and fat for active dogs

For active dogs, it is recommended that they have more than 28% of protein content in dry food, and more than 7% in wet food. It is also recommended that fat content more than 20% in dry food and more than 5% in wet food. You can learn the content of protein and fat dog food by reading the analysis panel that is guaranteed on the nutritional label.

The purpose of nutrition is to provide sufficient calories in the body with a balance of vitamins, minerals, and other appropriate nutrients to maintain normal function via high energy dog food. Obviously, feeding too many or too little can cause various problems. Overfeeding produces obesity, which can cause an increase in the risk of experiencing diabetes, heart disease or deteriorating joints. On the other hand, underfeeding can produce nutritional deficiency, loss of muscle mass, hair loss and lethargy. Obviously, the aim is to find a happy media where a dog is able to maintain a healthy weight.

Nutrition recommended for active dogs

There are also some great nutrients that can help your active dog keep the energy they need. Vitamins B play an important role in energy production because they help change nutrition into energy. Magnesium also proved to help increase energy. Dog food containing amino acids is also good because they help support muscle repairs and reduce fatigue. You can also consider dog food that has glucosamine that supports joint health.

Some great brands

There are many dogs food brands that advertise they are good for active dogs, as a reference, you can check out wholesale pet food supplies.  But some of these brands have just increased protein and fat content, so they do not meet the needs of full nutrition. Another important factor is food needs to be easily digested or will not provide necessary nutrients. So, we have collected a list of some of the best dog food brands for active dogs to help you decide what you will feed your puppy.


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