2 Way to Make Shrimp Feeding Baby Convenient, Have You Tried?

How to make baby shrimp feeding miles at home simple but convenient. Shrimp is a very good seafood for children so mothers are always preferred to use in the preparation of baby food. Let's go to the kitchen and learn how to make shrimp shrimp! It's called "ruoc tom". Ruốc tôm is very delicious and famous at Halong city, Vietnam.

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Making Shrimp to eat baby miles Prepare materials: Fresh shrimp 2 kg each have a size larger than the little finger. This type when peeled new enough shrimp meat to make babies.

  • Lean pork 0.5 kg.
  • Lemongrass 2 plants,
  • scallions.
  • Gac oil.
  • Fish sauce

Steps to take:

Step 1: Processing cakes Shrimp pick up all rubbish and then wash 2-3 times with water. Put in a steamer, add 2 more crushed lemongrass to quench the fishy smell of shrimp. This steaming method helps shrimp meat retain its original sweetness. After steaming, take out shrimp, let cool for about 10 minutes. Next peel the shrimp, shrimp heads and all the legs, tails one by one. You can use these parts to dry, puree. Using this ingredient to make a delicious soup, you won't be wasting any part of the shrimp. Put the minced meat into a mortar or pulverizer. Divide into small pieces to make shrimp flakes more fluffy. After finishing, use hand pulp to separate.

Step 2: Prepare lean pork You should use butt or shoulder meat, lean 100% because this part of the meat is soft, so the shrimp don't dry out. Cut the meat into pieces with your palms along the longitudinal fibers, add a little fish sauce to taste and then steam them with scallions. Or you can also boil. Wait for the meat to cool for 10-15 minutes and then grind or grind it. Use your fingers to tear the long, fluffy thread. and preserve.

Step 3: roasters shrimp paste with meat

Put the meat in a corner of the pan, then pour the shrimp into the rest. First we will copy each material individually because they have different wetness. Use chopsticks evenly. When it starts to dry, mix again.
Season the fish sauce to taste just enough. The baby just started to eat miles, should create a habit of eating bland to the health of children. So just give a small amount.
Next, add two tablespoons of Gac oil. Gac oil is rich in vitamin A, vitamin E and some beneficial fats, increasing the absorption of children. In addition, it also creates attractive smells and colors to make children enjoy the meal.
How until the thread becomes fluffy as well.
Turn off the heat, allow to cool, then put in a clean glass jar. Cover tightly and store. See more at https://ruoctom.com

Making Shrimp dry shrimp feeding baby

Prepare materials: 2 kg dried shrimp. Buy Ba Kien Dry Shrimp to process the most guaranteed dried shrimp shrimp dish for your baby! Gac oil. Fish sauce

Steps to take:

Soak dried shrimps in warm water for 10-15 minutes, when shrimps soften, pick them up and drain.
Divide shrimp into small pieces, put into mortar and mortar. Crushing by hand will make the pulp not powdery, but shredded.
Use your hands to separate the shrimp after pounding so that it does not turn into cake, when it will dry out faster.
  • Heat a pan, pour in the shrimp.
  • Swing the chopsticks to stir.
  • Add enough sauce and Gac oil.
  • So until the paddy is dry, fine cotton is fine. Should not be so long, floss lost fresh water and children will not eat well. Turn off the heat, let cool and then store.

Children eat shrimp shrimp good?

During the early stages of weaning, mothers often have difficulty in making up meals for children. Must choose the ingredients that are good for health but must be delicious, so they appeal to children to eat a lot. Talking about the taste of shrimp paste, every child will like. Flies easy to chew, eat very delicious. Not only that, the source of nutrients that this food brings a lot: The protein and amino acids in shrimp are easily absorbed, ensuring sufficient energy for baby to have fun. Vitamin B12 helps the metabolism in the body take place smoothly, prevent eye diseases, good for blood ...

Shrimp also contain a good amount of iron for the process of hematopoiesis. In addition, vitamins A and D help the skeletal system develop and support good digestion ...

Making shrimp shrimp for weaning is very convenient for mothers who want to save time but still want to ensure their baby's health. Eating delicious and nutritious, why not start right away? Wishing you success with delicious food for your baby!


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