Wedding theme ideas that you can use for your Wedding

There are a lot of wedding themes to choose from such as palace wedding theme, forest wedding theme, magic land wedding theme, and much more. Each of these themes is unique and everything from the costume to the decorations and decor to the lighting changes according to the theme you choose. Here are the top 4 inspiring wedding themes that we have chosen for you:

Royal weddings

If you are thinking of choosing a royal wedding theme for your wedding then you must choose royal hotels or palaces as the wedding venue. Moreover, everything needs to be grand and pompous to complement your wedding theme.

For example, you can opt for classical music instruments such as Shehnai, Sitar, Dhol, etc. for the music and the bride and groom need to enter and leave the venue in royal and classic vehicles instead of the modern ones. Similarly, decorations, lighting, costume, menu, and everything else must follow the royal wedding theme.

Nawabi wedding style

If you want to look like a nawab or begum in your wedding then you can choose the Nawabi wedding style. Firstly, the bride needs to choose apparels like Anarkali or lehenga with chikan (Lucknowi) work and the groom can choose kurtas that are embellished with stones or embroidery. Also, the food must accompany Mughal recipes such as kebabs, biryani, etc. to complement the theme. The most important is the wedding venue and you can choose a vintage location such as hawelli, palace or even a fort for that. The music might include gazal performers and the decoration must comprise of lanterns, red roses, and colorful glass decorative items.

Beach wedding

If the beach is your dream wedding destination then everything else must also follow the beach wedding theme. The bride can wear gowns and the groom can wear a suit for the wedding dress. Also, if non-vegetarian food is allowed then you can include shrimps, lobsters, and prawns as appetizers. The jewelry needs to be minimal and the decorations can include bright flowers and ferns just to enhance the look of the venue.

Green theme Wedding

The decorations and settings required for a green theme wedding can be recreated at any venue as all you need is yellow and white colored flowers, mandap made from banyan trunk and leaves and other eco-friendly locations.

Also, the bride can wear traditional Indian sarees like kanjeewaram or banarasi silk for the wedding dress and the groom can wear dhoti kurta or anything traditional.

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