How to Upgrade QuickBooks POS 18.0

Do you want to update your QuickBooks POS Multi Store to the latest version but have not any idea to update QuickBooks POS?

In this post we will discuss how to update your QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale system to the latest release?

There are two ways to update your POS software: automatic updates or manual updates.

Automatic update is the best choice to update your POS system. This lets QuickBooks Point of Sale to download and install updates for you when they're available. As well as you can also check for and download the latest updates yourself. In the following steps find how to set up automatic updates or do the update yourself when you need to.

Set up automatic updates

·         Sign in as admin into your point of sale system.

·         Now go to the Help menu and hover over Software Update.

·         Select Updater Preference.

·         Now Select the General tab.

·         Select automatically download updates. You can also select Notify me so you can decide if you want new updates when they're available.

·         When you're done, click on OK.

·         QuickBooks will automatically download and install the latest updates when they're available.

Check for updates manually

If you do not want to update your system automatically or want to update your POS when you want then manual update is the best choice for you. Or as well you can always check for the latest updates yourself whether you have set for Automatic update:

·         Sign in to your point of sale system as an admin.

·         Now Go to the Help menu and hover over Software Update.

·         Then select Check for updates. If QuickBooks finds an update, you'll see it as an option.

·         If you're ready, Choose Update now and then click on OK.

·         If you update, It is required to restart your computer.

·         Check your version of QuickBooks Point of Sale

·         Sign in to your point of sale system.

·         Go to the Help menu and select About QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale.

·         Review the Release number.

·         The release number tells you which version you have. It looks like this: Release V18 R1.



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