Biology and Life

Biology is a natural science that is focused on studying life in itself and the living organisms. This science studies the structure of the living organisms, their evolution, function, taxonomy, distribution, and growth. As one can see, the science of biology is very important, though many people underestimate its significance. They live their lives without attending to biology and biological laws.

However, biology plays a vital role in life of any living organism, including humans. In order to live a healthy life, one needs to be aware of such biological processes as cell division, evolution, genetics, metabolism, and energy. It helps humans to understand the way their organisms work better. As a result, they will know how to handle various processes in their organisms better. For instance, it is incredibly important to be aware of ones genetics and how it works in order to prevent some possible diseases. The issue of metabolism is also very significant for human organism because without knowing how it works people take meals in a wrong way. This action, which at first glance seems so small in its importance, in actual fact leads to serious negative results. Being ignorant about metabolism processes, many people damage their health and put on weight not understanding what the reasons of such excess weight are. In its turn, excess weight leads to significant problems with heart and articulation.

Many writing elites scholars state that life is something that happens to humans while they perform their basic daily functions. However, they do not take into account how exactly they perform these functions, which processes allow them to function and why some functions are not performed properly by their organisms. In actual fact, life is not simply a symbiosis of dreams and aims, feelings and emotions of an individual. No doubt, philosophical and psychological aspects are also worth attention and their influence is observed in our lives. Nevertheless, life is something more than mere moral condition of a person. Life includes human physiology, and biology plays an essential role here. In everyday life people act in lots of ways that damage their biological state; for instance, they drink alcohol, smoke, spend sleepless nights for no serious and worthy reason, eat and drink junk food or food with GMO. The problem consists in the fact that, performing all the above mentioned actions, people do not know and even do not try to learn what terrible influence their actions and lifestyles have on their health. This occurs because they do not know biology and the needs of their organisms. Besides, biology includes not only human organism, but any other living organisms existing in the nature, and all these organisms also require certain treatment. As a consequence of unawareness or ignorance of these requirements, people damage the natural world with their activity.

Taking into consideration all the above stated information, one can see how important biology is in human life. Biology is an essential part of human existence and even more – it is existence itself. Thus, awareness of biological laws and functions is extremely important in a life of each individual in the world. Existing on the planet is never enough; there is a great need to know what an individual consists of, how all these things are combined and how they function. Biology is life itself, and people should be more attentive to it.


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