TestoGen vs TestRX: Which Is The Best Supplement For Boosting T?

Testosterone, also famous as the male hormone maintains an important role in men's health!

Its functions range from maintaining muscular mass to keeping up your sex drive.

However, the hormonal levels of testosterone vary with age, they peak during early adulthood while start falling rapidly as you start aging.

When your body slows down the production of testosterone, you often see symptoms of testosterone deficiency like poor libido!

These effects might even take a toll on your energy! However, it is not just about the symptoms of testosterone deficiency that we are worried about.

It's also about the lifestyle changes that low T-levels bring like poor performance in bed.

Thus, it is important to keep your T-levels at good levels, and for this, we bring in one of the best solutions – Testosterone boosters!

The market boasts a tone of testosterone boosters but choosing the right one is usually difficult with most of the products not being transparent!

Considering, here we have a comparison between TestoGen vs TestRX!

This will help you choose the best supplement and get only benefits and no harms for your health.

Race of Best Testosterone Booster - TestRX vs TestoGen!

TestRX and TestoGen are two of the most famous testosterone boosters giving each other a tough competition.

Both of the T-boosters claim to boost your muscles, enhancing masculinity, physical performance, and better recovery.

With such powerful claims, it gets difficult to choose between them!

But we will make it easy with the following glance at the products.

TestRX – Key Highlights

Before we dive into the minute details of the product let us have a glance at the key features:

1.      Enhances your anabolic abilities and energy levels

2.      Uses optimum dosage of magnesium, fenugreek, D-Aspartic Acid, Zinc and Vitamin B

3.      Offers strength, lean muscle mass, and overall sexual health

4.      Rapid results

5.      Might show some side effects or allergic reactions

Next, we have a look at what key features do TestoGen Before and After reviews highlight.

TestoGen – Key Highlights

TestoGen gives a stunning competition to TestRX with the following features:

1.      Updated formula

2.      Uses optimum levels of magnesium, fenugreek, D-Aspartic Acid, Tribulus Terrestris.

3.      It also offers Vitamins like Vitamin B, D, and K with nettle leaf extract in optimum quantity

4.      Enhances testosterone production with anabolic abilities

5.      Boost stamina, endurance, recovery time, energy levels, and overall sexual health

6.      Aids in weight loss and enhances fat cutting abilities of your body.

After going through the above section you must have an idea about what the products are all about.

Now it is time that we dive a little closer to the products with a detailed look at the ingredients list and benefits.

TestRX vs TestoGen – Ingredients Check!

Ingredients bring in a lot of impact on efficiency and composition. Thus, we went through a complete analysis of the products’ ingredients, and here is what we found out.

“Both the products share many mutual ingredients as the main goal is to boost your testosterone levels”

Thus, we divide the section into two, common and unique ingredients.

First, we look at the common ingredients.

Common Ingredients

Both the products use the following core ingredients:

·        Magnesium

·        Vitamin B6

·        Zinc

·        Fenugreek

·        Vitamin D

·        D-Aspartic Acid

Next, we have a look at the unique ingredients that make the products different from each other.

TestRX – Unique Ingredients

Apart from the common list, TestRX has only one unique ingredient:

·        Vitamin K2 – Helps in better absorption of Vitamin D and thus enhances testosterone levels.

Next, we look at the unique ingredients behind TestoGen Results.

TestoGen – Unique Ingredients

TestoGen offers 5 unique ingredients which bring in a major change in its efficiency apart from the results imparted by common ingredients:

·        Boron – Enhances quality of testosterone

·        Nettle Leaf Extract – Protects free testosterone levels in your blood

·        Vitamin K1 – Helps in better absorption of Vitamin D

·        Red Ginseng Extract – Revives your lost masculinity

·        BioPerine – Enhances absorption of all the other ingredients


With the market boasting a ton of testosterone booster, choosing the best T-booster is a tough job.

But the above blog makes that easy by bringing two of the best testosterone boosters together and comparing them.

If we look at the above comparison, both the products have a lot in common.

But the difference was seen in the composition where TestRX has one key ingredient while TestoGen has 5 key ingredients.

Thus here TestoGen wins the show with its ingredients.

However, you can refer to the official portal of these products to have thorough research on the products and benefits.


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