Hai Tang pagoda at Ba Na Hills PNYaD

The pagoda is located at an altitude of near 1. Chu Vu Tra Quan Ba Na Hills Hours Open: 11:00 to 15:00 and 17:00 to 21:30 Price: 255. The price of car rental Da Nang - Ba Na route is from 400

At the end of the season, you have to remove from blankets to the TV refrigerator. Mountain. This is Ba Na Hills Travel Experience Da Nang that needs you to note. The three spaces are fitted with 3 sets of "top of the river", 2 wings to build the wall, install windows "not sharp"

Fantasy Park amusement park is built based on the novel "Journey to the Center of the Earth" and "Twenty Thousand Thousands Under the Sea" by French writer Jules Verne with a wide range of games from fun for children to thrilling challenges for young people and Adults. Ba Na gradually became a famous resort not only in Trung Ky but also in the entire Indochina region. Although we know that at this time, organizing festivals is expensive, and revenue is not an achievable goal, we still want to work together with Da Nang to give visitors more new experiences when choosing Han River city is the destination for the whole family this summer vacation "

Watching movies is still so fascinating, don't ask how high you will be if you can stand there!", nick Vu Hoang Anh commented, The most special show of the day called "Pumpkin raging in the Kingdom of Anh Duong" with many thrilling and dramatic layers will be the time when visitors will meet the Sun King and Queen and the god. People of 7 lands in the struggle against the invasion of the rebel army of pumpkins flooded the capital.Each garden contains many different types of flowers and with its own architecture, creating the perfect check-in space for visitors

The French Village is a miniature of medieval France, restored from the various towns and villages around France that Pigneau used to go through. Visiting Debay's old wine cellar, you will learn about traditional wine-making as well as have the opportunity to taste the best wines. In particular, here you will enjoy excellent teas in soothing, melodic meditation music

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