Get the Ultimate Way to Use Hooks and Hang Drapery of All Styles!

The prefabricated drapes usually fit the budget and leave no chance in giving classy look to your space. The quality surely matters a ton but if they are not hanged precisely then it will affect the whole feel. By knowing drapery secrets to hang the curtains in the perfect manner you can add an alluring feel to it. Drapery hooks & pins need to be used accurately so that your guests also feel the elegance of your space.  

However, if you feel ignorant about how to use these hooks then don’t worry at all. Here we are sharing some simple tweaks to answer how to use drapery hooks and make your space look better instantly! Get it here!

How to Hand Drapery with Hooks?

There are several sorts of drapery Honolulu and all need a different pattern to hook them properly. Here we are sharing a way to use hooks on almost every kind of drapes!

§  Rod Pocket and Flat Tops

The best part of this drape is that it conceals the rod under it and gives such a sophisticated look that everyone admires. It is easy to hang it by using hooks and here’s a trick of how to use drapery hooks on it!


Take the pin and insert it into the lining or pocket via the back of the panel. If you prefer a straight look without swooping then 4-6” horizontal spacing is recommended.

However, if you want to add a pinch or swoop then it's good to go for 7-12” horizontal spacing.

§  Ringing Clips

From the top edge, these rings are clipped sliding over the rod. It's quite a popular way to hang drapery. These are quite easy to move and you don’t find any difficulty in panel moving as rings hold it in an accurate way.


Just clip the ring you have to the curtain panel. This way can be used to hang drapes of all types. You can even add ring clips to 1-2 inches only if you want more length of the curtain panel. The clip is used to hold the fabric and hang the curtain down. So you can adjust the cloth more or less to be clipped as per the panel length you want.

§  Cartridge/ Flair/ Pinch Pleats

These types of drapes provide a traditional or formal look to space. In these, pleats are sewn together at two inches from the drapery panel top. Get here the best trick of how to use drapery hooks on these drapes.


To the panel back, insert pins into the stitch line in vertical shape. Along with this, put a pin on every upper corner of the curtain panel. You can place these pins into side hems.

§  Hidden Tabs

For a neat pleated look, hidden tabs are the best to hang panels. Featuring loops or flat tabs are sewn on the panel’s back top that makes the curtain float properly on the rod. People look this pleated look.


In this, you need more pleating than used in rod pocket drapery style, as the tabs used in it are spaced apart. It’s good to use only if panels will not be required to move quite often.

§  Inverted Pleats

Inverted pleats drapery are professional look drapes that don’t let the visitor see topstitching. It makes the whole space look more elegant than before.


In the panel back, insert pins in the way each of them lines up with the front panel’s vertical stitches. Along with this, put a pin on every upper corner of the curtain panel. You can place these pins into side hems.

Bottom Line!

Hopefully, now you get how to use drapery hooks in the desired manner. By doing it right, the beauty of the whole space automatically gets enhanced. So, read it carefully and apply for the best outcomes!

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