8 Criteria For A Good LASIK Candidate

Lasik eye surgery is the most preferable to get rid of glasses and lenses. But before considering Lasik make sure that you are a Lasik eye surgery candidate (visualaidscentre). All successful Lasik surgeries depend upon several factors. You must ensure that you have been examined properly. It increases the rate of success. Lasik surgery is a good option to correct any of these vision problems:

  • Myopia: In myopia, the eyeball gets larger than normal. The cornea curves too sharply that it focuses the light ray in front of the retina and blurs the distant vision. In this vision problem, you can see the near objects clearly.

  • Hyperopia: In this vision problem, the eyeball is shorter than normal. The cornea gets too flat that light focuses behind the retina. It makes the near vision blurry.

  • Astigmatism: It results if the cornea gets flat or curve unevenly. It disrupts the near and distant vision.

Being the best eye surgeon in Delhi (visual aids centre), I examine my patients carefully to decide if Lasik is suitable for them. I look for the following factors to check if they are a good Lasik candidate.

  1. Healthy eyes: Your eyes are generally healthy. Even if you have a vision problem, your eyes remain healthy. The eye doctor checks if you have any eye infection. Chronic dry eyes or any degenerative eye disease needs to be cured before the surgery. So, your doctor will restore your eye's health before proceeding further.

  2. Your body is healthy: Lasik is simple, easy, and safe. But it is still surgery. So, your body should be in good health to ensure full success. To check if your body is healthy. The doctor will make a small incision in one or both eyes. Your body should be healthy enough to fight off the infection. Other factors that can prohibit your Lasik surgery are:

  • Diabetes

  • Chronic pain conditions

  • Arthritis

  • Depression

  1. Age should be 25 or more: Generally, the Lasik patient should be at least 18 years old. But eye doctors prefer to be in the mid-20s. Because at this age your prescription typically changes.

  2. Lens prescription is within a certain range: Lasik corrects many vision problems. But to achieve better results your prescription should not be too high. FDA approves that the prescription should be up to +6 for hyperopia. For myopia, it should be -12 diopters. And for astigmatism, it should be 6 diopters.

  3. Stable vision: If your vision prescription keeps changing every six months or yearly. Then your doctor will not suggest Lasik eye surgery. Because there is no point in surgery if the cornea is changing its shape.

  4. Not pregnant: Pregnancy hormones alter every system of the body including vision.

  5. Corneas are thick enough: The corneas are shaved while Lasik eye surgery. So, it turns out to be safe only if your cornea thickness is between 540 and 560 micrometres.

  6. You are prepared: You must know that the permanent risks are extremely low. But there are certain temporary side effects.


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