How to utilize the potential of Super Apps for your own business?

The age of Super apps is upon us. We live in a time where everything we see around us can be managed using apps. A few years back, I even saw a tele series by the name of Sherlock, where Professor Moriarty robs a bank with the help of an iOS app. While that may still be a stretch for the present time, the ability to have a single super app to access any and all kinds of services around us is not far.

So what are these super apps?
Essentially, an app is a software that is meant to simplify the process of doing something. A super app is a culmination of multiple services that can be achieved by just one single software. The most prominent example of a super app in these days is the Gojek clone app. This app primarily started off as offering Ojek rides (bike taxi) services to people in Indonesia, but quickly evolved as a multi service on demand application with the growing demand and market trends.

Today, Gojek has been called a unicorn business with a lot of potential for global growth. In considering that, many mobile app developers across the world have started building their own Gojek app versions, popularly known as the Gojek Clone apps. These apps are ready for purchase for any interested entrepreneur and it can be launched under their logo and brand name using their own server credentials. Basically, it is a ready made business set up for any one who is interested to venture into the multi services app based business.

Now, its tremendous popularity has raised a few eyebrows because there are so many half baked Gojek clone apps available in the market that opting for any one of them may result in a total loss of business. This is why, if you too are taking the big leap of entering a similar sort of a business proposition, you may want to opt for an app built by a ready made on demand mobile app development company that offers white label services. Make sure that these services are provided under a white label agreement which allows the developers to prepare and set the app up with your logo and brand name and launch them under your credentials on the Google play store and the iOS app store.

If there is any confusion regarding how this model works, whether it is the most suitable option for you or not or if you’d like any custom feature included in the app which doesn’t come along with the regular app, then, it might be a wise idea for you to speak to the development team and get their feedback.

If they have an experience of at least 6 to 8 years in this business they will be able to guide you in the right way with respect to what will be best for your business in your region and so on and so forth. If you have doubts regarding whether the company is a reliable one or not, you should check out the white label on demand mobile app development company’s testimonial videos so that you can get an idea of the company’s expertise and the response of the company’s professionals towards their clients post sales.

Making it your own business?
The first thing to do is buy your own app and build a brand to launch it under. Make sure that you create enough buzz in the market towards your app so that more and more people download the app and start using your services. There are 3 ends that you must focus on when it comes to a multi service on demand app such as the Gojek Clone.
a. The User End: Make sure that your app is designed to be of utility to the users. They should find it easy to look for service providers and hire people using your app.
b. The Service Provider End: Since the app will be run because of the service providers, make sure that they get enough from the pie to register with you. The more the service providers registered with your apps, the higher will be your users.
c. Restaurants and other stores: Stores such as grocery stores, pharmacies, bakeries and restaurants will get a digital platform with your app. Make sure that they can increase their profitability with the help of your Gojek Clone app so that it incentivizes them to register with you.

The app is a sure shot way of giving you success because every party involved will make money with it. Focusing not just on how you can increase your own commission but also on how each party involved can earn/ save money will ultimately percolate into profitability for you.

Ideally, it would be best if you can spend a little time and money in researching the market, the existing trends, the things that make the app likable or disliked amongst the people and the trends of the market will go a long way in preparing for the launch of your app. Create a solid business plan so that you have a guideline of sorts to proceed with your business. Hope you can put this information to good use and end up making your own on demand multi services app called the Gojek Clone an absolute success. 


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