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[90] Traditional festivals The evening of May 11, 2006 in Hoi An, or July 14 of the lunar calendar In Hoi An, many types of traditional festivals are still preserved, such as worshiping festivals. village princes, festivals commemorating the ancestors of the profession, festival celebrating saints, festivals of religious beliefs. Lien Chieu University of Da Nang Public School is one of the leading multidisciplinary engineering schools in Vietnam, one of the three Polytechnic Universities of the country together with Hanoi Polytechnic University and Thanh Polytechnic University. Ho Chi Minh City. Unlike Hue, the old imperial city, where many cultural heritages are of imperial nature, the vestiges of Hoi An are the traditional cultural institutions of everyday life Normally, Each village has a communal house to worship the royal citadel and front porches. [2] Western people in the past called Hoi An by the name Faifo. There are a number of pancakes in this area that you can visit to enjoy: Xeo Xuan (04 Phan Tu), Quan Co Muoi (23 Chau Thi Vinh Te) [75] 24th month In 5 years 1889, Governor of Indochina Etienne Richaud issued a decree to establish Da Nang city in Quang Nam province. This sea area has great potential for minerals and seafood, favorable for economic development, but more importantly, this is a strategic military location, controlling sea and air roads in the Northern region. East Sea. According to the information on Ngu Hanh Son website, the first time (1825), Emperor Minh Mang came to play Thuy Son mountain, built two terraced roads to go up the mountain, that is the path to Tam Thai pagoda and the path to the pagoda. Linh Ung (formerly known as Ung Chon) Cam Ne mat profession originated from Hoang Hoa, Thanh Hoa following the Vietnamese residents who came to settle in this land in the 15th century. Tour Da Nang - Da Nang Hoi An Chieu Ngu Hanh Son Mountain is not too big and high. This place not only attracts many tourists who love spiritual tourism, but also is a place where you can immerse yourself in a peaceful place at the door of the Buddha and away from the noisy city and bustle Wide river around the west, a large sea covering the east, [7] the shape of a sharp mountain. In the future, with the formation of the Da Nang University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Da Nang city will continue to build and develop more hospitals such as Da Nang Hospital campus 2, international hospital, Auxiliary Hospital Obstetrics - Pediatrics Stage 2, Central Children's Hospital [179]. Non Nuoc stone carving village Non Nuoc stone carving village is a destination that many visitors visit when visiting Ngu Hanh Son Hoi An tour to Da Nang Hoi An at Da Nang Booking or Tour Da Nang


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