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Da Nang city is also the place where the representative offices of the ministries and departments of the Government of Vietnam, the agencies of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam are in charge of the Central - West region. Nguyen, second most after Ho Chi Minh City: The T. Administration Department of the Southwest wind dominates in the summer; Northeast winds prevail in winter. Da Nang is a name translated in the form of transliteration and partial Italian translation. The meaning of the Chinese characters used for translation has a certain relationship with the meaning of the translated name Since its foundation, the hospital has developed many new techniques in diagnosis and treatment, including a number of techniques for the first time such as head and neck surgery combined with plastic surgery, plastic surgery in breast cancer surgery, radiation therapy technique close to the head and neck area, positional biopsy, left liver laparoscopic surgical technique for liver cancer patients. Travel time by motorbike is about 15 minutes. [14] The place where Chau An boats go through the most is Hoi An port "Da Nang" in subcontinent O Chau is not an administrative landmark but just the name of an estuary. [4] In the letters and notes of Western missionaries and scholars, the names Faifo, Faifoo, Fayfoo, Faiso, Facfo. In 2008, the city government rejected two FDI projects producing steel and paper with a total registered capital of up to 2.5 billion USD In 2010, the park on Pham Beach Van Dong was issued a resolution by the City People's Council and named it "East Sea Park". [171] The natural growth rate of the population by locality is 2.45%. [31] The sunshine time in the Hoang Sa archipelago ranges from 2 [103] One of the typical dishes of Hoi An cuisine is high-rise dishes. Da Nang Afternoon Tour The first feature that can be seen in Hoi An culture is diversity . Private schools Danang Polytechnic College Da Nang Hoi An Afternoon Tour Booking Guide at < a href = ""> Da Nang Booking or Tour Da Nang


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