Does CBD Make You Sleepy?

Does CBD make you sleepy? is a question many people ask. Sleep is very important for physical as well as mental health and no one can deny the importance of the sleep. Still, there are many people like us who are struggling to get enough sleep and rest. Especially in recent times It is very difficult to find out the best pill or the product that can make you sleep without making you addicted to it. There are a wide variety of pills available in the market that can make you sleepy but it can make you dependent on them.

Unfortunately, the sleeping pills available in the market can have different side effects, so you should look for the safe and natural solution to avoid the side effect and to have the best sleep. CBD has become a part of life for many individuals, because of its fame market is now filled with CBD products. You may find different CBD products that are just made to help with the sleep.

Many people ask that does CBD make you sleepy? There are also many questions that people ask but let us help you with this question.

What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabinoids and it is one of 120 compounds that found in hemp plant. It can also be obtained from other source but other sources might be illegal because it contains psychoactive effect. CBD obtain from the hemp is legal and it does not include psychoactive effect and in short it does not make you “High”. Instead, you might be able to have variety of health benefits by using CBD.

CBD works by fusing with the receptors of the body’s endocannabinoid system and this might help to boost the responses of the body. You might be able to have different benefits by using the cbd products.

However, the benefits that a individual experiences depends on the CBD product.

Does CBD Make You Sleepy?

The question does CBD make you sleepy is still open for discussion. Although research is needed to correctly answer the question. Unfortunately, there is no direct link between feeling sleepy and use of CBD. However, research has shown that CBD might be able to support better sleep.

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Does CBD Make You Sleepy During the Day?

Until now is no direct research on the CBD that shows that the CBD induce the sleeping during the day. However, CBD might have the ability to bring the feeling of calmness that can lead to more focus and well being.

In a study conducted by Berger et al, 2009 revealed that CBD might help in reducing the anxiety and it can be a good tool in reducing the stress level and to increasing the focus and mental clarity without providing lethargy and drowsiness.

This study also suggested that CBD might also support increase in the serotonin level in the brain that might help to decrease the cortisol that is a natural byproduct of the stress and this might cause negative effects on the body.

CBD VS THC Which is Better for inducing Sleep?

There are cannabis that have THC and they are thought to aid in sleeping. However, it is suggested that CBD have advantage over the THC when it comes to inducing sleep. THC is legal as it can make you “High” while CBD does not produce any intoxication effect like THC.

You may be able to realize the sleeping without having negative side effects like sedation, drowsiness or fatigue. Moreover, CBD is also considered to be safer alternative to over-the-counter medicines. Over the counter medicines may provide side effects and you may start to depend on them.

There are studies that have shown that the CBD is safer for the sleeping and it has no major side effects.  THC might also provide side effects and according to the study having THC might reduce the REM sleep.

REM sleep is very important for having healthy cognitive and immune function. If the THC is used continuously, it may affect the sleep quality in long run.

CBD and Sleep

CBD does not contain THC and it does not make you sleepy, even though it may help to fight against sleeping disorders. CBD has a unique way of working and it might also help to alleviate insomnia. CBD might help you by either interacting with the receptors of the brain or by alleviate stress.

CBD might interact with the receptors by governing body’s wake and sleep cycle. Human has endocannabinoid system that is responsible for having cannabinoids. This system has wide receptors that are spread throughout the brain and even to the skin.

This system is responsible for controlling the stress as well as anxiety. The ECS system can also make phytocannabinoids and such chemical can trigger the ECS receptors and it might regulate the stress, pain or anxiety. 


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