ZitoBox Releases One New Slot Game Per Week


The ZitoBox free slots casino application was first released on Facebook canvas in 2014, since then they have expanded their offer to Web, Google Play and Apple Store. Now players can link all their platform accounts to a single player account.


In  a  highly  competitive  industry,  where  all  the  casino  game  publishers  are  fighting  over downloads,  ZitoBox.com  did  it  differently;  they boast  of  paying  out  more  than  $3,500,000  in rewards to their players. Although their redemption model works pretty much the same as most (players earn points for purchasing coins and playing games). The difference been that their slot content originates right off the casino floor. High quality content and a sophisticated algorithm seems to be the ingredients to their secret sauce.


Updates  and  upgrades  on  the  ZitoBox  platform  couldn’t  have  come  at  a  better  time.  The combined  effort  of  great  slots  content,  platform  upgrades  and  rich  rewards  has  resulted  in ZitoBox’s 6-fold increase in revenue over this pandemic period.


A  huge  effort  towards  driving  traffic  via  social  media  and  PPC  campaigns  has  helped  ZitoBox tremendously. If the current growth levels maintain ZitoBox is bound to be a major player in the social casino space.


ZitoBox claims to have many more winning hands up its sleeves. Its currently working on multi- language and multi-currency capability upgrades which will expand its global reach.




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