Gingivitis in Dogs Like Malamutes

Did you know that Malamutes and other breeds of dogs and even cats can be susceptible to dental diseases such as gingivitis? Gingivitis is not just for people. It’s also a disease that can cause inflammation and irritation to the gums of canines. Gingivitis has been known to occur when plaque or food and debris builds up on the gums. Advanced gingivitis occurs when plaque plus a calculus build up is present on the gums causing severe redness, irritation, and inflammation. The first sign of gingivitis in Malamutes is usually inflammation or redness of the gums, which is also a signal of beginning stages of infection. Plaque (or food build-up) is not always present at the beginning stages, but can appear if action is not taken. If caught in time, gingivitis can be treated and even reversed. Learn more from your vet Spring Hill, TN


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