Why Italians avoid Cinque Terre Hotels

La Pergola was one of the first hotels in La Spezia to work with the large booking portals. Opening up the possibility of cheap hotel Cinque Terre accommodation and 
cheap hotel in La Spezia . The Cinque Terre has limited hotel space due to the small sizes of the villages and the prices can be extremely high because of the limited supply.
The other option is to find a ‘Hotel economico La Spezia’ translated as ‘cheap hotel La Spezia ‘ which give good access to the Cinque Terre , La Spezia and also major attractions like Pisa , Portovenere etc.

Cheap Hotel La Spezia
The hotel offers clean high quality rooms at budget prices , off street parking , free WIFI , mountain views and close to nature.
Albergo a Poco La Spezia means cheap  hotel La Spezia or budget hotel , in Italian some phrases are easily translatable.
The hotel industry is heavily regulated in Italy and strict rules must be followed by owners ensuring a safe , comfortable stay.

If you look for an affordable way to visit La Spezia and the Cinque Terre area then La Pergola La Spezia is worth looking into .
Cheap hotels in Cinque Terre are definately few and far between , some owners have also been accused in local media at letting their standards drop as they have a captive customer base.

Cheap Hotel Cinque Terre
Italians will tend to avoid staying in the Cinque Terre due to the lack of parking and tendency to be packed with tourists , when you are in small village streets designed hundreds of years ago it can be claustrophobic and feel like you are in the centre of Rome or another busy tourist centre.

To reach the Cinque Terre by train from La Spezia Central station is only 10 minutes , much faster than driving which would take almost an hour.
The other issue with finding a cheap hotel in La Spezia is the lack of parking , as a busy city with a population of around 150,000 - 200,000 car parking in the centre is difficult , most hotels also do not have car parks.

Another advantage of staying outside the centre of the 5 terre are the restaurants which serve traditional food of much high standard and authenticity compared to the places usually visited by foreign tourists.

If you want to live like a local small hotels and guest houses like La Pergola situated 10 minutes from the station  and also on the direct bus route are  possibly the best options.



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