Develop a Snapchat clone app that will be more appealing to users

Hey! We all know and have enjoyed the Snapchat app which is one of the popular social media apps. What do you think is the hype behind snapchat? The app is similar to any other instant messaging app with features like chat option, group chat, voice and video calls. But, the app stands alone from others with its stunning filter options. Tell me who doesn’t love to see their faces in different perspectives and mask their faces? The app offers various filter options making it more attractive for users. 

Here, we will see the importance of developing the Snapchat clone app and also its features. With many instant messaging apps springing up, Snapchat like apps remain special. With a huge collection of filters, stickers, and lenses the app stands apart from other apps. Therefore, it is highly recommended to develop the Snapchat clone app - a replica version of the original app provided it can be customized. 

Popular features of the app

Stories - Users can upload stories that stay for 24 hours. Also, users can apply filters on images or videos and upload them as stories.

Payment - The app has a payment feature, using which users can transfer money to their contacts. The app is integrated with several payment gateways making it easy for users to select their mode of payment.

Lenses - The lens feature lets users define their images by applying lens filters. Users can try out different lenses and upload the one that is more attractive to them.

Stickers - To make the text conversations more interesting, the app is loaded with multiple packs of stickers. Users can download the stickers present in the app.


You may be quite attracted by the Snapchat clone app as it has many interesting features. If the app interests you, reach out to our team at Turnkey Town. We are ready to provide you with our clone app solution.


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