7 Smart Eco Friendly Packaging Idea

World is facing a major catastrophe relating to the excessive rise in temperatures from the past 10 years. Global warming is on a constant increase and the world is at a very difficult stage as it is hard to control the rise. This rise in temperature is effecting the life of animals like polar bears on the North and South poles, it is disturbing the marine life, life several animals and birds in forests, and most important to humans, it is disturbing them now.

This continuous rise in temperatures have led people towards inventing some smart ideas in order to control the climate change. The use of eco-friendly boxes and packages is playing an important role to fight the changes of global temperature rise.

The main reason for this section is to tell about the best packaging ideas that support the environment, in order to control the massive changes due to global warming. Seven best smart and eco-friendly packaging ideas are as follows:

1. Paper Bottles

A genius way to use recyclable material is the manufacturing of paper water bottles. Although the concept of these bottles sound like they are not effective enough to contain the water inside the bottles and it is surprising that they can.

The containment of water is due to a very thin plastic, which is biodegradable, layer. This layer of plastic is covered by the help of waste cardboard paper that is recycled. Moreover, these can also be made out of the newspapers. Millions of people use to read newspapers as either a daily morning routine, after the reading, these papers are turned into waste material or are made for other uses which in return are wasted once used.

2. Bright Packaging for Bulb

Many products are used these days for eco-friendly packaging. One of these many smart ways for packaging is the use of recycled cardboard or corrugated paper to make the cases of bulbs. These outstanding cases do not need any kind of wrapping material or covers. These are made in enhanced ways just to fit in one bulb at a time.

3. Paper Egg Cartons

Eggs need a material to contain them, which makes sure that the safety is maintained. One of the best ways to make an encasement for eggs is by the use of paper. These paper egg cartons are mostly manufactured by recycled and biodegradable material. Some of the best eco-friendly packaging containers for eggs are made out of cardboards and Kraft sheets. The reason to use these materials are:

·         To maintain safety of the goods packed inside.

·         To ensure an attractive outlook.

·         Eco-friendly nature of elements.

·         Biodegradability

4.  Wine Cartons

The glass bottles used to contain wine consume a reasonable amount of natural resources and leave a massive amount of carbon footprint resulting in the addition of ways to increase the global warming. Moreover, the glass containers for wine are hardly used again and add to existing pollution.

Therefore, it is in the best interests of the world to enhance the use of cartons for wines that are made out of cardboard materials. Other than the advantage of being environment friendly, these cases provide a safe haven for the wines too. The cardboards are aligned in the shape of bottle containers with the use of aluminum as a lining material to make sure that the drink do not spill outside.

5. Shopping Bags

Another great example of the use of sustainable packaging is the manufacturing of shopping bags. The retail stores and shopping malls like Carrefour are promoting the use of these bags in order to maintain the safety of environment.

These bags are made out of either cloth or canvas, which can be used repeatedly without ruining the shape of the bags. Moreover, the use of eco-friendly inks as to print exciting graphical images on these bags enhance the outlook. These are sturdy enough to make sure that your shopping material remain safe. Another advantage of the use of these bags is that these can be put anywhere by folding them, and can be unfolded anytime for use.

6. Subscription Boxes

The best way to encase the clothing material is by the use of eco-friendly cases, which can be used as subscription boxes. These boxes are specifically made to ensure the factor of excessive branding. These are made out of cardboards and Kraft paper, which are manufactured with recycled material.

7. Seed Embedded Packaging

The best way make use of a packaging in an efficient manner is to use seed embedded packaging. After many researches and excessive use of science, these containers are manufactured which are embedded with seeds. Moreover, the material that is used to embed the seeds is biodegradable and can be planted in the soil for the plant growth.

This style of eco friendly boxes wholesale is used to hold materials like medicine, eggs, small electrical appliances, etc.

In conclusion, the smart eco-friendly packaging is one of the best ways to reduce the carbon footprint off this planet. Moreover, these cases enhance the value of the products packed inside. It also helps the businesses to get a better audience as these containers attract the customers with the slogan of “go green”. 


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