Monetization strategies associated with Uber for movers app

The prospect of shifting to a new house or place can be stressful, with the assistance of an expert hand, the shifting services can be efficiently handled. What can be more helpful than an app that is specifically dedicated to moving and shifting services? This is where the assistance of Uber for moving app comes in. People can get relocation and shifting needs to match their requirements using this app. On the other hand, there is an important aspect that needs to be taken care of, the revenue model of an on-demand moving app like Uber.

Platform usage fee/convenience fees: Customers have to pay a minimal fee for using the app. It may not add up to many profits for the applications, but in the long run, this can lead to huge revenue for the app. 

Commission charges: The moving professionals have to pay a part of their earnings as commission. This commission percentage is set by Uber for moving apps. It is only applicable for apps that hire professionals and workers on a contract basis. Certain apps provide the monthly salary for workers, they have a different revenue stream.

Advertisements: One of the most popular revenue models is advertisements. All the relevant ads regarding the apps services can be part of the movers app. As per the number of clicks, views, and impressions associated partners have to pay a specific fee for the application. One of the aspects to take into consideration while hosting ads is that there must not be too many ads, as customers find it difficult to use the app. 

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