Top Shopify Apps for Abandoned Cart Recovery

Though Shopify makes purchases easier for your customers, any Shopify development company will tell you that one of the major issues you will face is cart abandonment. The percentage of customers leaving your ecommerce store without finishing the purchase is quite high, and this can be very frustrating. 

When you are a store owner who has helped customers move seamlessly through the sales funnel with perfect communication and relevant offers, but they leave the store and their cart at the point of purchase, you are not only losing sales but also efforts and resources have been wasted in helping them in their sales journey. 

On an average, three out of four shopping carts are abandoned in the final stage. Customers who shop on mobiles have even higher rates of abandonment as compared to desktop or browser app. Of course, it depends on your niche and varies as per your market, but the point is that it is very expensive to not have a strong strategy in place to convert these potential customers. 

You can check your analytics sections for cart abandonment stats, and it is essential that you take the right strategies and leverage tools that help you regain those customers. Whether you work with a Shopify development agency, or hire Shopify developers, it is important that your development strategy should include these strategies and tools. 

Why does it happen

Let’s start with understanding why cart abandonment happens in the first place. Some of the major reasons for potential customers not completing their purchases are: 

  • Additional charges such as shipping costs, or taxes that increases their total cost
  • Opening an account which requires entering a lot of details
  • Cumbersome checkout process
  • Website crashes or is unresponsive/ shows errors
  • Security seems untrustworthy for them to enter their sensitive information
  • Unconvinced or disagreeable returns/ after sales service
  • Absence of preferred modes of payment

Recognizing these issues will help you serve your customers better, and help you reclaim those who have left the process after adding items to their cart. Shopify development services should include these concerns at the development stage itself for a streamlined solution. 

Recovery Strategy Overview:

Before we share the best Shopify apps for Abandoned cart recovery, let us understand what an effective recovery strategy should include: 

Audience segmentation

Break down your target audience into segments so you can choose the right strategy for each

Cross-channel communication

Ensure that your communication is consistent across all the channels you use to engage them

Landing page personalization

When enticing them to return, your landing page should be relevant, engaging, and effective

There are several well-tested methods for recovering abandoned carts such as SMS, emails, push notifications, retargeting ads, exit-intent popups or chatbots, etc. All these methods aim to engage customers by reaching out to them before they completely forget about the purchase and entice them with the right communication to return and complete the sale. 

Shopify is so popular because of the great options that are available at any stage of the purchase process. However, when you hire Shopify developers, be sure to research industry trends and competitors to identify the right solutions for you. 

From the Shopify dashboard, you can immediately review your abandoned checkouts to identify patterns in customer behavior that can explain why it is happening. When a customer initiates a payment, Shopify notes it as a payment event. So, you can find out how many customers tried to make the payment and then abandoned the cart.

Shopify also lets you email those customers, manually, or automatically, with additional communication or apply discounts, so they are further enticed to complete their purchase. 

Best Shopify apps for Abandoned Cart Recovery

There are a variety of Shopify apps that go beyond simple messaging to ensure that you recover abandoned sales. These are designed to empower you to have a strong strategy in place and utilize the right tools to reach out to potential customers. 

Below are the apps that are most popular, and very effective in improving your Shopify store sales. 

1. Abandoned Cart Recovery (4.5/5.0)

Abandoned Cart Recovery by Marsello app offers a completely automatic solution that is built on best practices and is customizable as per your requirements. 

Why you will love it too:

  1. 3 automatic emails which you can build with best-practice templates, product images, direct checkout options, automatic discount (if applicable), and scheduled as required
  2. Shoppers can save products to FB Messenger and the app sends them customized reminders on their cart with a link to complete their purchase
  1. Exit-intent pop-ups

If your potential customers move their pointer to the upper section of the browser (for closing the tab/ window), you can offer an additional discount or free shipping service to give them an extra motivation to make the purchase

  1. Remembers carts across devices

No matter where they started their purchase journey, Abandoned Cart Recovery app remembers logged in shoppers across their devices to stay on top of mind. 

  1. Free trial!

Install the app and see your abandoned carts make an excellent recovery. If you do not find it useful, which we highly doubt, you can opt out of the app. 

2. Carti Abandoned Cart Recovery (4.9/5.0)

A very popular app among Shopify stores, Carti offers checkout booster with 4 retargeting channels. You can also choose automations for browse abandonment, checkout/ cart recovery, cart abandonment, and abandoned checkout to reconvert them. 

You can create a multichannel strategy by reaching out to them via different channels at scheduled times and bring them directly to the checkout for fast processing. 

Multiple abandonment recovery segments also help you create customized strategies and communication for each. You can also use Push, SMS, emails, and pop-ups to attract potential buyers from different channels, and strengthen your inbound marketing. 

3. Pushowl

Pushowl is a comprehensive Shopify push notification app that can help you automate abandoned cart recovery messages. You can also create and send notifications when items that potential shoppers were interested in is back in stock, new product review notifications, etc. 

  1.  Customized abandoned cart notifications
  2. Inbuilt analytics to measure customer interaction for different campaigns
  3. Automatic image generation in the notification pulled from the products in the cart
  4. Scheduled time for abandoned cart recovery communication
  5. Product availability and shipment status notifications
  6. Push notifications to any device with cross-platform support

4. Tidio

Tidio enables Shopify shop owners to build chatbots that send automated abandoned cart notifications which can be customized with different CTAs and communication. 

The chatbots can notify customers about the products in the cart or even offer a discount for added motivation. You can choose where and when the chatbot is activated to be most effective. 

  1. Customizable Chatbot notifications
  2. Relevant message to returning customers
  3. You can also build custom chatbots
  4. Build chatbots in minutes with a pre-made shopping cart abandonment chatbot template
  5. Visual email builder to create emails that remind customers to finish their shopping

5. Consistent Cart Recovery

This Shopify app is popular because how it helps recover shopping cart abandoned shoppers with multiple communication channels such as FB messenger, emails, and push notifications. 

It collects customer emails even before they begin adding items to the cart so you can retarget them in the event that they leave before completing the transaction. 

  1. One-stop solution that combines the features of several different apps
  2. Increase conversion rates, and number of orders to boost sales and revenues
  3. Helps build a strong database of relevant audience
  4. Offers a free plan, trial for the paid plan and premium plans depending on your requirements

Final thoughts

Shopify store owners usually leave it to their website app development company to include such features in their apps. But not all such agencies focus on cart abandonment recovery, which can cause major loss of revenues. 

The right Shopify Abandoned Cart app helps you identify the main reasons why this is happening and empower you with the right tools and strategy to help you reduce abandonment. This is important not only to recover lost sales but also to ensure that your buyers’ journey is optimized for higher revenues and stronger sales. 


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