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Hue Lotus Seeds Hue lotus seeds are famous as a precious medicine that has both nourishing and sedative effects and is used in many prescriptions. The hot, fragrant bowl of vermicelli will surely stimulate the taste and vision even more when you use a little raw vegetables. You should take the time to rent a taxi or rent a car (about 300K) for a tour to visit the mausoleums such as Tomb of Tu Duc, Lang Minh Mang, Tomb of Khai Dinh Intending to take a low hill in front as a criminal record; taking Chop Vung and Kim Son mountains to face them as "Ta dragon" and "Huu Bach tiger"; There is Chau E slot flowing from left to right to make "water convergence", called "minh duong". In addition to visiting the monastery, visitors can rent boats to roam on the lake or buy tickets to visit the streams flowing into Truoi Lake full of wild features. The ticket price is not too high for a journey to visit this large, superficial mausoleum area, is not it! 5 must-visit spots not to be missed in Hue Khai Dinh mausoleum It can be said that the tomb of King Khai Dinh Hue is a comedy synthesis The harmony of many different architectural schools, with the combination between the ancient architecture of Vietnam and the West The entire interior in the 3 nave of the Thien Dinh Palace is decorated with porcelain and glass composite reliefs imported from China, Japan ... Hue Khai Dinh mausoleum The courtyard of the statue of mandarin, mandarin martial, elephant and horse adoring the king are made of rare stone material. Khai Dinh Tomb of Da Nang Hue Quan Ba Do: 08 Nguyen Binh Khiem, TP. From Vong Canh Hill you can see the poetry of Hue city, especially the Tomb of Nguyen Kings and the Perfume River flowing through the city In addition, cyclo is also a means Interesting travel for tourists when visiting tourist destinations. On the right side of the theater is the Ngu Hospital, where to make medicine for the king and the royal family. 17h00: OPENTOUR's car & guide will take you to the parking spot of the car (or station) Sit on the boat for about 1 hour, listen to carpentry, no head, drop a small flower lantern on the Perfume line makes the evenings in Hue more enjoyable. Behind Dai Cung Mon is the net yard with two copper cauldrons. Thien Ly, Be Thinh, ... food is generally cheap and fresh Hoi An Tour to Da Nang Hue at Da Nang Booking or Tour Da Nang


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