Reasons Why Majority Find Indian Products Better Than Other Countries?

Albert Einstein once said “the measurement of intelligence of the human lies in the ability to accept the change,” and as a modern-day human, we could never agree more. As the world started to digitalize, people have started to rely more and more on their smartphones. The result- they have to carry essentials like- chargers, power bank, neckband, and other accessories to keep their smartphone charged and performing all day. However, only a few of us might know that a large portion of electronic gadgets or products that we use comes from china.

China- are they one of the market giants?

The one-word answer to this question is YES, they are one of the market giants in the electronic market.

But just because they rule the market right doesn’t mean, we have to rely on them to replace our smartphone batteries. Amani Mart- a leading manufacturing company that believes in manufacturing and selling electronics Products Made in India believe that Indian products are better than Chinese electronic products. How? Well, according to a recent survey where 50000 people participated revealed that the majority of the Indians find domestic products made in India far more reliable than the ones imported from China. After the initiative of PM Narendra Modi- people have started to question if the product they are buying is “made in India” or not. This question is the outcome of the fact that Chinese products have made their way into every household.

How Indian electronic products are better?

Although these Chinese products are cheaper compared to Indian brands, they certainly don’t come with reliable quality. On the other hand, Indian products are created with detail and offer value for money. Some of the other key reasons why you should choose electronics products manufacturer in India over Chinese products are given below:

Quality matters the most

Another survey conducted at the local market highlighted that 52% of people believe that all the electronic products that come from China are low in quality. The first possible reason why china is supplying low-quality products across the globe is that manufacturers are not willing to pay for the quality raw materials and only use cheap quality material for mass production. ‘

The second possible reason behind the cheap quality is some manufacturers are not even skilled to deliver the quality, user demand with their products. On the top, there is time pressure to deliver the products.

Chinese products are affecting our economy

What most people might not know is that China uses a “dumping” strategy to monopolize the global market. What they do is encourage exports, discourage imports, control capital movement, and centralize currency decisions. The objective of the whole strategy is to increase the level of experts and destroy competitors in other markets by offering cheaper products. There are several businesses in India that have been forced to shut down as they couldn’t deliver products cheaper or equal to the Chinese. This way, China is not only capturing markets but destroying economizing by luring customers with cheap prices.

In the end, the decision of buying electronic products lies in our hands. By buying Electronics Products Made in India, you will not only get quality at an affordable price but also contribute to making India self-reliant. 


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