Tips to Plan a Honeymoon on a Budget

It is not easy to predict the entire expense of a honeymoon trip even though you trip hotel rooms, railway or air tickets beforehand. There are various things such as honeymoon destination, packages offered by travel companies, additional expenses like shopping, etc. that need to be considered while planning a budget honeymoon for your spouse and you. However, you cannot curtail most of the expenses as it would affect your honeymoon experience. Therefore, today we are providing some tips that would help you to plan an affordable honeymoon. Let us see them in detail:

Choose what you like the most

If staying in luxurious rooms, enjoying exotic, and refreshing spas or sauna baths matter the most to you and your spouse then you can allot most of your budget to the accommodation. Therefore, you can book lavish hotels and resorts that provide all these luxuries.

However, if exploring the site is your priority then you don't have to book an expensive hotel room as most of your time will be spent on sightseeing. Therefore, you can spend more on traveling and experiencing nearby locations and tourist spots if you book a modest hotel room.

Choose an off-season

Many people avoid marrying in the wedding peak season for curtailing their wedding expenses. This works for honeymoons too as hotel rooms, travel packages, etc. can be booked at cheaper rates. Moreover, you might also bag an attractive discount from the travel companies if you plan your honeymoon trip during the off-season.

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Select an affordable location

Sometimes, couples get mesmerized about a place just because of the hype surrounding it. For example, if enjoying the snow is your priority then you don't have to plan your honeymoon to Switzerland if you can experience the same thrill in Shimla. If beaches are a priority you can visit Goa or Andaman Nicobar instead of Maldives. Moreover, even a short distance trip can prove to be costly sometimes due to the accommodation, shopping, sightseeing, and other expenses associated with it. Therefore, you can study different locations and the costs associated with them before selecting a location.

Travel in parts

Instead of traveling to a far distance with a premium airline, you can travel the distance in parts by choosing alternate transport options like bus and railway. This way you will not only cut down the traveling expense but you can also visit some interesting locations in between to make your honeymoon even more memorable.

Use your resources

If you are using a credit card then you already might be having some reward points that you can use for reducing the air miles. Moreover, some credit card companies offer discounts on using their credit cards for shopping and traveling purposes. Your insurance company might also be covering some travel costs that you might not be aware of. Therefore, we recommend you to check and use all your resources before planning your honeymoon trip.

These are the things that can be used to plan an affordable honeymoon.

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