The Material Handling Gear Your Automotive Repair Business Needs

Jacks, compressed air tools, and brake hoists are probably the sort of equipment people tend to associate with automotive repair businesses. However, one class of equipment can prove nearly as valuable and essential—material handling equipment. The fact is, the right material handling equipment provides more benefits than many auto repair professionals may have guessed. Here are three pieces of material handling equipment any auto repair business should consider.

Choose Hand Trucks Designed for Your Specific Needs

For the parts, tools, boxes, and all of the typical material handling tasks in an auto repair shop, there’s still no beating the reliability and efficiency of a hand truck. The key to sourcing an effective hand truck is choosing a name-brand model from a trusted company. A name brand delivers a level of quality you can rely on, for one. Plus, the best companies, such as Magliner, allow you to customize your hand truck to fit your shop’s specific needs. You can change everything from the wheels to the nose, handle, and even the size of the hand truck.

It’s also worth considering a convertible hand truck. These can be used in either the traditional vertical configuration or a horizontal one. The horizontal orientation provides considerably more platform space, which is useful for moving mixed loads that don’t fit or stack well vertically. This allows your employees to move more with every load, improving efficiency and safety.

Consider a Heavy Duty Hand Truck

An auto repair shop’s heavier loads call for a heavier duty material handling solution. Enter the heavy duty hand truck, also commonly called an appliance hand truck. Along with their enhanced durability, heavy duty hand trucks also feature straps to secure their loads. A secured load is easier to move and safer for both the cargo and whoever’s moving it. You can customize a high-quality appliance hand truck with your choice of wheels, handles, style of nose, and so on. They can also be fitted with attachments like 4th wheel stabilization, stair climbers, a brake bar, and a good deal more.

The Powerful Hand Lift Truck

A powerful hand lift truck can be used to lift and transport hundreds of pounds. That function alone is useful for a variety of applications in any auto repair business. However, many mechanics and service technicians have found them particularly beneficial in specific repair tasks. A top-quality hand lift truck features interchangeable lifting attachments, including several styles of forks, platforms, and arbors. That versatility allows them to function as a transmission jack or to allow a better look at the underside of anything heavy. They’re popular for mounting wheels and tires, moving or restocking heavy parts and tools, and lifting heavy parts closer to a hoist. Basically, a hand lift truck can improve shop efficiency and save users from a lot of strain and sweat.

About Magline

For over 70 years now, the Magliner name has been a byword in the material handling industry for the highest standards of reliability and quality. That’s because Magliner dollies, like all of their material handling equipment, can always be trusted to deliver best-in-class durability, safety features, and customization. In addition to the iconic and ultra-customizable traditional Magliner hand truck, you can rely on their powered stair climbing hand truck line, motorized hand truck series, hand lift truck selection, and a whole lot more. When you or your business need anything delivered, lifted, or moved from here to there, you can always trust Magliner equipment to get it done quickly, safely, and efficiently. Learn more about upgrading your material handling fleet today with great financing options for Magliner equipment.

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