Variety in custom retail boxes

Almost everything we buy from the departmental stores is packaged in custom retail boxes. These boxes are of different dimensions and sizes. They are crafted according to the product size. Most times, buying habits of the customers are kept in view for designing the layouts of custom retail packaging. Custom retail boxes used to package cupcakes, assorted donuts and biscuits like macaroons are made from food-grade material. These boxes have a transparent plastic film attached to a window cut in the lids of the boxes. It allows the customers to look at the food before they are buying. This feature helps in minimizing human contact with food during display and storage. It allows customers to evaluate what they are about to buy without opening the box. Custom retail packaging is an art that is mastered by packaging expert companies. 

Various industries all over the world make use of custom retail packaging. Gone are the days when candles were made from beef tallow. Today the candles are crafted from various natural waxes and other ingredients. There was a time when the candles were the first things to get stolen during the days of famine. They were eaten as food. Today if one goes through the ingredients list of the candles printed on custom candle packaging, they will realize that it is not edible anymore. Still, the use of candles has increased exponentially. They are used in aromatherapy and light therapy. They are also used to add warmth to any room, office or house. The different ranges and product lines in the candles are packed in different custom candle boxes.  These boxes come in different sizes and styles. Mostly they are designed for space-efficiency so that more stock for display on shelves. 

The luxury custom candle packaging is called custom rigid packaging in the retail and the packaging industry. This type of packaging makes use of custom rigid boxes that are crafted from the sturdiest cardboard stocks. Modern offset printing techniques are easy to apply on these stocks and they result in impactful visual content. To add more glamour to this visual content the packaging industry uses various add-ons like varnishes, lamination, Spot UV, etc. Features like these enhance and highlight this visual content. They transform the look of these ordinary boxes. Brands that want to offer an unboxing experience to their customers often add more features like customized balloons, buttons, and ribbons to these boxes. The sight of these boxes excites the customers and they record the entire unboxing experience to share it on social media platforms. 

The use of custom cardboard boxes is also common in the perfume industry. Often as a shopper, I realize that there are countless brands in perfumes. Each can easily be differentiated from the other based on its packaging. Custom perfume boxes in today’s world are also crafted from cardboard stocks that are print-friendly and cost-effective. Every brand uses the space on these boxes to print their signature branding elements on them. These branding elements consist of; taglines, corporate logos, and images, etc. The custom perfume packaging also includes product information as a vital part of typography. Many perfume brands design their custom perfume packaging in odd shapes to make them stand out on the retail shelves. These shapes become an identity element for these perfumes. 

Not many of us think much about how the shopping experience has evolved over the years. It is interesting to note that Macey’s was the first store that brought the concept of convenient shopping to America. It was established one hundred and fifty years ago and had wooden escalators installed. Many of these wooden escalators have now been preserved. Macey’s introduced the American shoppers with a lot of products that were unknown to them like a colored bath towel!  

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