How to launch a WeChat clone app built with user-friendly features?

The advanced technology eases communication, and several messaging apps have helped many businesses and ordinary people to have seamless communication. One such app is WeChat that has gained popularity among smartphone users. With the exponential growth of the internet, users have become more dependent on mobile phones and applications. Since communication plays a vital role in all businesses, the need for using an app like WeChat will never be halted.

WeChat benefits users in connecting with their friends and relatives; it helps to engage in several activities like making secure payments, voice and video calls, etc. For a budding entrepreneur, kickstarting a business with an instant messaging app like WeChat will be a huge hit. It is widely used and trusted by people and many businesses.

Key features to include in WeChat clone app

  • Video Call/Chat

This feature in the clone app allows users to experience real-time communication rather than a normal call.

  • Compatibility

A social messaging app like WeChat is developed that allows users to access all the services like sharing photos, videos, gifs, stickers, and so on. The clone app is compatible enough to handle all the services for users making their usage more comfortable.

  • Deleting sent texts

The app is catered to what the user wants. Keeping their demand in mind, the clone app facilitates users to delete the recently sent messages that stop getting saved or stored in the database.

  • E2E encryption

The end to end encryption feature is added in the messaging app like WeChat for the safety and security of the user's personal data who have registered on the clone app. The security or the encryption is strong, leaving no room for hackers or any third party to access and invade the user's data.

Summing Up,

The clone app is built to enable users to use the WeChat clone app, again and again, thus helping businesses generate decent revenue and reach a wider audience across the world.  


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