What is Functional Integrative Neurology?

Neurology is a broad study of the human brain and nervous system. It deals mainly with the causes, symptoms, additional complications, and treatments for a wide range of neurological diseases and disorders.


Functional Integrative Neurology

Integrative neurology views the patient as a whole to better understand what treatments will work for each patient. It combines conventional allopathic treatment practices, including surgeries, injections, and physical therapy, with alternative medicine practices such as acupuncture, meditation, and medicinal plant supplements.

Integrative functional neurology works with the patients on a case-to-case basis by utilizing conventional methods when necessary and alternative medicine practices to prove more effective. Doctors and neurologists use functional integrative neurology practices to heal patients suffering from neurological diseases and disorders such as strokes, migraines, seizures, and epilepsy, to name a few.

Due to the incorporation of alternative medicine practices in integrative functional neurology, many doubt its legitimacy. Although not a lot of scientific research can practically be done to prove its legitimacy with absolute accuracy, there have been a large number of successful cases. Some of these cases may have been due to the placebo effect but happy recovering neurological patients is no small feat but rather one that needs to be celebrated. Since integrative neurology is a personalized treatment, the patient must trust the process and the neurologist for it to work.


Functional Neurologists

Functional neurologists use integrative neurology to assess the state of the patient’s nervous system, locate the functional aberrations that have resulted from lesions and treat the area back to a healthy condition using a combination of conventional and unconventional methods.

The two main aspects that functional neurologists Raleigh, NC focus on are 'fatigability' or the ability to have a healthy response to a given stimulus, and 'Hemi-sphericity,' which believes that neurological disorders arise due to imbalances found between the two halves of the brain.

One of the major inconveniences in integrative functional neurology is the rise of untrustworthy neurologists that practice faulty alternative medicine methods. To ensure the integrative practical neurology works, the patient must find the best and most highly reputed functional neurologists, Raleigh, NC, to treat them. A few tips to find a reliable and credible doctor for the job are listed below:

§  Make sure to do a good amount of research on the hospital's background and the doctor to make sure they have the required education and experience to handle your case.

§  Read up online on the feedback and reviews of previous patients of the same functional neurologist who had a similar problem as you.

§  Get a referral from your family or friends or even your general physician to ensure that the functional neurologist you plan to work with is well-reputed

§  Check for the required credentials, inclusive of a background in conventional as well as alternative medicine practices.

§  Ensure they are easy to communicate with by scheduling a brief call before you make an appointment to start your neurological treatment.

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