6 Uses for an Electric Pressure Washer You May Not Have Considered

The electric pressure washer is among the most underrated outdoor power tools. Pressure washers electric or gas-burning, though you should always opt for the electric, seem to be most well-known for spraying siding, walkways, and driveways clean. However, they are good for a whole lot more than that. Consider some of the following uses for pressure washers that you may not have considered.

Washing Out the Grill

Cleaning the BBQ grill is no treat. It can mean facing a collection of accumulated soot, sauces, cooked-on food, and more. An electric pressure washer not only has sufficient water pressure to scrub out the grill, but it also allows you to do so from a distance. That alone makes a pressure washer worth it.

Spraying Gutters Clean and Free of Debris

Slopping the accumulated leaves and debris out of often-wet gutters at least rivals cleaning a BBQ grill for unpleasant jobs. A pressure washer electric or otherwise, can spray out the gutters, saving you time and an unpleasant task. There are even attachments that allow gutters to be sprayed out from ground level.

Dealing with the Gross, Dangerous, and Dirty

In fact, using electric pressure washers to deal with the gross, dirty, and even sometimes dangerous tasks in general is one of its significant benefits. For instance, when your dog does his or her business on a patio or porch rather than the lawn. They’re also useful for spray-cleaning bird poop from bird baths and anywhere else it’s found, and so on. Pressure washers are also effective for cleaning garbage cans from a comfortable distance and can blast down wasps’ and hornets’ nests from a safe distance.

Cleaning Vehicles and Outdoor Tools

Pressure washers electric are also ideal for cleaning off a wide variety of vehicles and outdoor tools. They can even blast off rust. Possibilities for cleaning include:

• Cars and trucks

• Bikes

• Dirt bikes and motorcycles

• Boats

• ATVs

• Dirt-caked outdoor tools like rakes, shovels, and hoes

• Spray-cleaning the bottoms and blades of lawn mowers, and so on

Blasting Out Cracks in Walkways and Driveways

Cracks in sidewalks, walkways, and driveways tend to accumulate dirt. Once they do, it’s usually only a matter of time before they start sprouting weeds. That can widen and worsen the cracks. Electric pressure washers are unbeatable for blasting those cracks free of accumulated dirt and anything growing in it.

Reaching All the Hard-to-Reach Places

Finally, electric pressure washers allow you to reach all of those places that would otherwise require a tall ladder, sometimes some sketchy contortions, and much manual scrubbing. Those places include the soffits under roofs, chimneys, and too many other hard-to-reach places to count. Pick up a pressure washer and discover what else it can do.

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