5 Must-Have Ingredients to Look for in Your Skincare Products

What you use on your body can greatly impact you, your family, and the planet. There are ways you can use more of nature in your daily skincare rituals to provide nourishment and hydration. Ingredients like rosemary and calendula can help you take your skin, hair, and body care to new heights. Their multipurpose properties can transform your skincare routines and how you think about your self care products. It’s time to seek out the ingredients that can help you harness the powers of nature to look and feel your best.

Deeply Hydrate with Coconut

Coconut is known for its moisturizing capabilities and ability to help address dry or flaky scalp, split ends, and breakage. Consider seeking out a rosemary mint shampoo that features this multifaceted ingredient along with argan oil to help cleanse while nourishing all hair types. Pair with a conditioner that also uses coconut oil and plant-based ingredients to hydrate your locks for a final look that feels soft and silky. Coconut is also a natural sun blocker, so try products like a sunscreen that combine coconut with zinc oxide for broad-spectrum protection that’s coral-reef safe.

Reduce Feelings of Stressed Skin with Rosemary

Because rosemary is known for its rich mineral and antioxidant content and for soothing the skin, it’s good to have in a product for cold sore relief. Seek out other healing herbs like calendula, chickweed, and comfrey to minimize itching. In other products like your hand or foot salve, this ingredient helps fade feelings of discomfort.

Use Aloe Vera to Soothe and Moisturize

Aloe vera is widely used for its soothing and hydrating effects, making it perfect for your daily skincare efforts. You might try a natural deodorant that combines aloe with sunflower seed oil and lemongrass while avoiding aluminum, petroleum, and other potentially harsh ingredients.

Protect and Nourish with Calendula

Calendula is a superstar ingredient that can also deliver antioxidants to protect against environmental stressors. Your natural lip balm is the perfect place to enjoy this versatile ingredient as you moisturize, soothe, and defend your lips all day long. Try a salve for dry skin that also uses calendula flower oil, elder flower, and jojoba seed oil to provide deep hydration.

Help Skin Feel Healthy with Vitamin E

Vitamin E can fight against free radicals and promote cell turnover, making it perfect for a multipurpose healing salve that can improve your skin’s overall appearance. Seek out a product that also uses rosehip seed oil and aloe vera to help you target wrinkles and scarring. These ingredients together deliver nutrients that can provide a defensive layer to protect your complexion and other areas of concern.

Enjoy ingredients from nature that let you take your routines to new heights as you nourish, hydrate, and protect your skin each day like a wellness Gooru.

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