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2 Read more 26 External links Names Da Nang Places (in Chinese: Tuo or Tuo ) is mentioned as early as in the book of O Chau near the continent (first printed in 1555 by Duong Van An), 5, "Words" (Chinese characters: Si Ci , temples and shrines), "Divine words" (Chinese characters: Shen Ci , temples of gods), "Tung Giang words" (Chinese characters: Song Jiang Ci , Tung Giang temple) : Original Chinese Literature: Song Jiang Ci . Ci Zai Si Rong Xian Si Ke Hai Men , Bing Zai Guang Nan Tuo Hai Men . Sino-Vietnamese translation: Tung Giang word. Hoi An Afternoon Tour On the basis of a rundown old theater, Trung Vuong Theater was rebuilt and inaugurated in 2006 with a capacity of more than 1. According to the master plan to 2030, the project determines that by 2030 the population of Da Nang is 2.5 million people Hai Chau Ministry of Health Public School is one of the medical and pharmaceutical training institutions for the whole country, and is a public school under the Vietnamese education system. It is not clear whether by accident or by predestined word that all three temples are located on prime locations of Da Nang city, forming a sacred "triangle" in the city. [22] In 1695, the British messenger Thomas Bowyear of the Dong An Anh Company came to negotiate with Lord Nguyen on the construction of a residence in Hoi An The coastal plain is the low land affected by the salty sea, is the area with many agricultural, industrial, service, military, residential land and functional areas of the city. Right next to the temple to the north, the Hoi An Museum of History and Culture, formerly known as Quan Am temple of Minh Huong villagers, can be found. Stone-making craft here was formed in the eighteenth century by an artist from Thanh Hoa named Huynh Ba Quat Bach Dang Street was born in 1878, located close to the riverbank so in the past used to be called River Bo River. The put into use of the Hai Van road tunnel shortens the traffic time and reduces traffic accidents on the Hai Van pass. On March 8, 1925, the Governor-General of Indochina declared the Paracel Islands (and Spratly Islands) to be the territory of France "[26] About 5 years later, the new Hoi An town port Gradually reviving, commercial activities recovered but not as before.In 2014, 2015 and 2016, Da Nang continued to hold the first position in the rankings, for the fourth consecutive year to remain at the top of the table and for the seventh time the city has been leading the country since the index was published in 2006, 000 m2 with 500 artifacts on display in different theme rooms Da Nang Hoi An Tour Da Nang at Da Nang Booking or Danang Tour


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