Essays on North Korea

North Korea is located in East Asia.  Its capital city is Pyongyang and it has a land area of 120,540 square kilometers. North Korea’s government, history and socal issues are the focus of essays on North Korea. Essays on North Korea can be written as research papers, descriptive essays, history essays etc. You can check the "write an essay for you" site for a helpful list of sources about North Korea and you can also read examples of essays on North Korea for more ideas to discuss in your essay.

North Korea has a fascinating history so essays on North Korea should include an overview of that history. The country was divided between North and South Korea after WWII at the 38th parallel.  The decision was made in accordance with the UN and it was decided that the Soviet Union would administer North Korea and the US would administer South Korea.  North Korea was officially established in 1948. This division between North and South Korea should be expounded upon in essays on North Korea starting with the reason why the two countries were formed.  Essays on North Korea should also explain the conflicts between the two Koreas that led to the Korean War in 1950.

Essay on North Korea should also describe North Korea's government system, which is a single-party-system or one-party system. The government party in North Korea is called the Korean Workers Party (KWP).  The culture of North Korea is another interesting topic to discuss in essays on North Korea. The influence of the Japanese should be particularly noted. The various religions practiced in North Korea is also of interest and should be covered in essays on North Korea as well. Most relevant to current issues  is North Korea’s nuclear program.  This program and its political  implications should also be part of a discussion and analysis in essays on North Korea.



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