Influencer Marketing: What Most Marketers Misunderstood About it

Influencer marketing is a new kind of marketing tool that we have in our marketing toolkit. In this, influencers (people having a huge fan following over social media) endorse the products or services of the brands to increase the reach and create awareness about the products/services. It is quite effective and since many brands are using this technique to boost their sales, it’s not going to disappear anytime soon. However, some of the brands misunderstood influencer marketing and are not able to harness the benefits that they could.

Here are some of the mistakes that brands do when it comes to influencer marketing.

1. Don’t understand the mindset of Audience

Know your customers. Yes, it is of ultra-importance to understand the mindset of the potential customers, their buying habits, etc. to design an effective marketing strategy to reach them and convert them from potential buyer to customer. Brand Managers don’t target the audience effectively thereby losing sales.

2. Using Influencer Marketing on wrong platforms

If you are potential customers are available on Instagram then what’s the point of running campaigns over Twitter or Pinterest? This happens when brands aren’t able to identify where their potential customers are spending their time.

3. Expecting Results Instantly

An influencer marketing agency shared the problem that they face on daily basis. The problem is that the people managing the brands don’t have much patience. They want their products to be recognized overnight and sales increase exponentially. If they don’t get these results they tend to drop the idea of Influencer Marketing. They must understand that it takes some time to build trust and the audience that is aware of your product today might buy it tomorrow. 

Most companies go for Influencer Marketing because it’s trending and in doing so, they don’t do much research and just launch the campaigns. They fail because their campaigns aren’t designed carefully and the wrong audiences have been targeted. As disappointing as it was, they must exploit this new kind of marketing by using it effectively or they’ll be missed out.

4. Worked with the wrong company to manage Influencers

These days, many companies are coming into existence and declare themselves the best Influencer marketing company. However, they have little knowledge about the process. If brands work with such companies they end up having a bad experience and tend to lose money. Therefore, they must do some research and see the portfolio of the company before finalizing.


Influencer marketing is still growing and its processes are evolving. Brands must use this marketing technique to boost their revenue. Business owners can even apply for the best digital marketing course in delhi and learn influencer marketing in detail. But, it’s critical to do it in the right way.


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