3 Reasons Why Aloe Vera Is the Ultimate Skin-Loving Ingredient

Aloe vera has been trusted by countless people around the world for generations. It’s often referred to as a wonder plant, capable of giving us so much. It’s a plant we can benefit from directly, by simply cutting open its delicate leaves to reveal the gel inside. There are also countless ways we can use aloe as an ingredient in skincare products to give those products a boost in their skin-nourishing abilities.

Aloe Is Nature at Its Best

The aloe vera plant may be green on the outside, but slice into any one of its spiked leaves and you’re in for a treat. Every leaf is practically gushing with a firm, translucent gel. Just looking at it is refreshing. Aloe vera is a succulent and grows in a variety of climates, but thrives in warm and dry climates and doesn’t need much water. That’s one of the reasons why it makes such a good houseplant. Like most succulents, it’s easy to care for and if you have access to one, you can harvest its leaves for your own benefit!

Aloe Is Simple and Pure

Aloe vera is exceptional at treating minor burns and skin irritations. In fact, if you have an aloe vera plant in your home, you can use that plant whenever you need to treat a minor burn. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. As an added ingredient in skincare products, like a healing salve, aloe vera can really shine. Aloe-based healing salves make a great go-to for treating sunburn and other minor burns because you get near-instant relief.

Aloe-based salves are also great for soothing minor cuts and scrapes. Simply clean the injury and apply the salve. As it soothes, the discomfort is reduced, and the minor injury can heal faster and more efficiently.

Aloe Really Works

Aloe vera gel contains compounds called mucopolysaccharides. These naturally occurring compounds help hydrate skin cells. Whether you’re treating a burn or simply applying it to dry skin, aloe-based skincare products give skin cells what they need to thrive. Every cell in your body needs to be hydrated and aloe gives your skin cells an extra advantage over just drinking water alone (though, be sure to drink plenty of water for healthier skin).

As a natural ingredient, Aloe comes with other advantages, as well. One advantage is that it doesn’t irritate the skin. This makes it a perfect ingredient for skincare and beauty products that you intend to leave on your skin for extended periods of time. Gel deodorant is a great example. Many conventional gel deodorants are full of harsh ingredients like petroleum, parabens, and aluminum. These ingredients can lead to redness and clog your pores, which is less than ideal when it comes to the underarm.

No matter how you use it, aloe vera may be the ultimate skin-loving ingredient. It was given to us by nature, and it works well, both on its own and in well-formulated skincare products. If you need to treat a minor burn or simply want to hydrate your skin to restore its glow, you can’t go wrong with aloe vera.

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