It’s Time to Play Fantasy Kabaddi On Ballebaazi, And Here’s Why!

BalleBaazi is a popular online gaming portal in India and it has a fan following that keeps running into the thousands every month. You might have identified this portal as the one with several class-leading fantasy cricket matches and football, and that’s all right. It’s time we offer you some more details into how you can play fantasy kabaddi on it and win BIG with your skills too!

This winter season, we believe it’s time for you to make a straight “raid” into the less (or perhaps more) familiar territory of your favourite contact sport called Kabaddi. It ranks among one of the most popular sports in our country for reasons more than one, as follows.

These benefits relate to all kabaddi players:

·         Physical stamina

·         Strength

·         Perseverance

·         Survival skills

·         Defense  

·         Psychological resilience

·         Quick thinking

·         Better decision making

Most importantly, Kabaddi teaches how never to give up, no matter what the scoreboard is saying at that moment.

Here’s why you should Kabaddi Fantasy?

It should be noted that contact sports are even more popular in the rural parts of India. There are lots of regular players who prefer to play these games on a regular basis. With the stellar rise in the telecasted events for fantasy kabaddi and fantasy football, there is an appreciable rise in the viewership too.

However, things are not just as rosy for everyone. There are passionate game followers who want to play it but can’t always get enough time for it. Reasons could be a work-life imbalance, miscellaneous responsibilities or maybe anything else. Your love for the game must not go in vain and that’s just why you should choose to play it whenever you have time.

That’s also just why you should choose to play Fantasy Kabaddi on a trusted smartphone app.

Which is the best fantasy kabaddi site in India?

BalleBaazi (BB) is just where you come to get a complete trilogy of popular sports in India. You can play the fantasy variants of kabaddi, cricket and football to take a swipe at your favourite sport at a time- or maybe all at once. BB also makes the deal sweeter for the best players by offering them top of the line rewards and this often includes the likes of several premium smartphones.

Here is a list of reasons that make BB one of the best fantasy kabaddi sites in India:

· Safe and secure online gaming experience

· Multiple gaming formats

· Offers a wide spectrum of gaming disciplines

· Player-centric points system

· Top of the line rewards

· Leaderboard rewards for consistent players

· Bank-grade security

· Numerous payment gateways

And much more!

Then there is the all-new BB app that offers a holistic gaming experience through its unified gaming services. You can play fantasy variants of cricket, football and kabaddi in it to take your aim at some of the best reward structures on offer.

This app is powered by this portal’s player-centric points system for all three sports. It means that you can keep playing the sport(s) of your choice and keep coming up towards the premium rewards on offer.

“I play kabaddi but have no idea about its fantasy variant. What can I do next?”

That’s perfectly okay. BalleBaazi offers you a complete evolution curve with regards to a top-notch online gaming experience through its easy to learn segments like ‘how to play’ and ‘rules to play fantasy kabaddi’ on its portal and app. These sections are crafted by some of the best fantasy players who know the game inside-out and have come together to help you make a smart move.

Here are a few rules that you should need to know to play the fantasy variant of this popular contact sport. These relate to Team Formation, Selection of Captain and Vice-Captain, Game Play, Discipline and Extra Time.

1.      Team Formation:

a.      This is central to your gaming experience. We suggest you follow these rules to create your best team.

· Raiders: Minimum 1, Maximum 3

· All-Rounders: Minimum 1, Maximum 2

· Defenders: Minimum 2, Maximum 4

· Maximum 5 players are allowed from one team

b.      All players in your squad shall receive points for their inclusion in the team and for their performance.

c.       We would advise you to choose a Captain and a Vice-Captain each for your virtual team. These two players carry 2x and 1.5x points for their performance in every game. The better players that you have, the more points you may win a certain match.

d.      If your squad contains a player who has not figured in the final team, he won’t get any points. This would cover all the reasons for not playing like injury etc.

e.      Such a player should be replaced with a more capable player. The latter would continue to receive points for his performance as long as he plays that match. This would be limited to the time during which he actively substitutes an injured player.

2. Game Play:

·Super Tackle: If any of your chosen players have performed a Super Tackle, you would receive points. They would be equal to the points for successful tackle and points for a super tackle.

·Getting Out would always attract negative points to the defensive team.

·Putting Out would always attract positive points to the offensive team.

Pushing out all the players from an opposing team would attract positive points to the offensive team. Getting an opposition All Out would also attract points in a similar manner.

3. Discipline:

There are three disciplinary cards- Red, Yellow, and Green. Getting one or more such cards would attract a total of all negative points related to those card(s).

4. Extra Time

·There would be points for all Extra Time events that affect the game.

·There are zero points for events during Golden Raids.

Make your game better with these Fantasy Kabaddi tips and tricks today

There is a proper reason as to why you should keep improving your game every day. The better and stronger your game is; the more points you may win over a period. Here are some expert fantasy kabaddi tips and tricks to help you make it all come good on this popular virtual gaming portal.

·Keep an eye on the next game you’re playing

·Watch out for their probable teams

·Select players based on their track record and current form

·Listen to the Pre- and Post-match analysis carefully

·Figure out a few star players whom you could play in most of the games

·Keep shuffling your players but don’t remove your match winners for no reason

·Trust your knowledge

Most importantly, always go for a balanced approach to fetch maximum Bonus Points. These points would help you take a lead in the longer version of the game. We trust these tips and tricks would serve you well for your next few games.

See you on the other side of a fabulous game on BalleBaazi someday!


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