Some fruitful margarita recipes that would bring more life to the party

Margaritas are known to be powerful and fruitful concoctions of tequila, lime juice, triple sec, and salt mainly, but if prepared using the wrong ingredients and improperly, these tasteful cocktails can change your dreamy evening into something more of a tear and vomit filled nightmare. However, a well-made margarita, one that has been prepared carefully and correctly, is one of the best drinks you would ever drink at a party.

The original recipe is quite common, but if you would like to make it even more exciting, colourful and fruitful, there are a bunch of margarita recipes out there to get your taste buds to feel something unique and delicious. Some of the best margarita recipes are talked about in detail below.

·        Apple margarita:
This particular margarita offers the full taste of the fruit but it also tends to add a tart kick. It is a favourite of many people, and there are various options for preparing it. One of the versions is the blended version, which is more popular than the rest, and you are likely to enjoy a delicate balance of flavour as it uses not only the apple juice but also the liqueur. You can even add the cinnamon sugar rim for some more flavour.

·        Melon margarita:
Melon margarita features a stunning green cocktail with a fruity melon flavour that is a favourite for many cocktail enthusiasts. It tends to show the versatility of the margarita’s formula. In this particular recipe, the orange liqueur gets replaced by the melon. It is quite a quick and simple recipe that can bring life to your house party.

·        Spiced cranberry margarita:
If you are looking to add a bit of spice to your party literally, then the spiced cranberry margarita is your best option. It begins with cinnamon infused syrup and gets mixed with tequila, orange liqueur, lime juice, and finally cranberry juice of course. The rim of the glass, instead of getting treated with salt, is done with the help of orange-slice and cinnamon stick, which helps to add the needed finishing touch to this margarita.

·        Catalina margarita:
Almost everyone loves a bit of peachiness and blue in their cocktails, so it is understandable why there is a lot to love about Catalina margarita. Just like a majority of other margaritas, you can toss it into the blender or shake it up yourself. Regardless of how you prepare it, it is a fun and easy to make recipe that takes the help of a bit of peach schnapps in the making.

·        Mango margarita:
Who isn’t a fan of mangoes? And who would not be a fan of the margarita which has a flavour of mangoes in it? Mango margarita offers you the sultry taste of mango in your drink. It replaces the triple sec with a mango liqueur. Typically, it is served up but it also tends to go nice on the rocks.

So, these were some of the best margaritas in Chicago, IL that you can prepare, as they are quite easy to make. You would add a bit more refreshing feel and make your party fruitful with these exotic drinks. 


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