TOP 4 Valparai Tourist Places

A calm and perfect place in south India to spend your vacation. Although the weather throughout the year is soothing, the best time to visit this place is from September to march. Nature-lovers should not miss capturing the beauty of this place. A serene location that should be on your top list if you are planning your next trip. We are listing the top 5 valparai tourist places if you are planning to travel to Valparai;

1. Sholayar dam

It is a peaceful place where a visitor can see the sunset while sitting at a dam. One can enjoy the beautiful scenic beauty with family and friends. At around 6 pm one can enjoy the sunset while looking at the water flowing from the dam. During the dusk at Sholayar dam, the golden sun is a must-visit if you are planning to visit Valparai. It is an excellent place for photography enthusiasts. It is open 24x7 for the whole week.

2. Exotic Tea Gardens

Lush green tea estates at Athirapally road make Valparai on the top list of tea lovers. One can spend the entire day around the beautiful tea gardens and enjoy the sample tea while learning about the lives of the local people. Imagine yourself in the lap of nature surrounded by these mesmerizing tea gardens and above a blue clear sky. This will be a romantic experience to be here just as you see in movies. 

3. Nirar Dam

 Nirar Dam is situated about 16kms from the Sholayar Dam and both of these dams are connected with a tunnel. This dam was built for irrigation purpose and now it has become one of the favourite tourist places of Valparai. The entry fee is 50 rupees. This place is good for picnic and photo enthusiasts. This is definitely a must visit place if you are planning your Valparai trip because of its surroundings. It is calm and full of lush greenery that is a plus point.

4. Nallamudi viewpoint

It is a top viewpoint that is part of a Nallamudi estate. A walk of about 1km from the parking area to reach the top viewpoint and you are done. From the top one can feel the beauty of the place which is surrounded by greenery and scenic beauty. The tea gardens, waterfalls, local inhabitants and Anamudi peak are major attractions. Leopards and bears visit the area. Visitors can find their pug marks on their way. Visitors can also catch marching elephants.

It would be an amazing experience to go to Nallamudi viewpoint if you are a nature lover or you love to be around a peaceful and calm environment. Monsoon is the best time to visit. So rain lovers get ready and pack your bags because you are going to have an experience that you never had ever before.

These places have been chosen from personal experience of visitors who have an amazing experience. So if you want to visit a place that is a gift of nature and where you can spend time  with yourself or your family in peace then Valparai is definitely a perfect choice to make.


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